Did, um, did anyone miss us? Trathena and Charogne are back!

at all…


Welcome back! Did you bring pie?

A total of 9 posts in more than 4 years?
Is that right?

Most of the time they just sat on the bench, pointing at people an then whispering between themselves. Then the squid came and they mysteriously vanished. It was initially speculated that they were spies for The Great Lonk, but no evidence turned up to corroborate that and the whole business was swept away in The Winter of Our Missed Content along with that guy who performed verbal indecent exposure by describing what was under the trenchcoat he just flung open. Somehow that just didn’t have the same impact, though.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Postcount padders really suck. Come back when you can play nice.

Ok, this post, well, sniff, it’s just a thing of beauty.

Anywho… welcome and welcome back!

Funny, but that’s exactly how that guy described the contents of his trenchcoat. You, uh… don’t happen to own a trenchcoat, do you?

Well, I’d like to say something clever, but Mindfield’s post just pretty much covers it all, doesn’t it? I mean, who wants to follow that?

We’re just tired of lurking, ya’ll, that’s all.

Wise choice. It had chili for dinner. Best to stay upwind.

Um… I don’t know you guys, but welcome back, and hope you brought pie, and all that.

I really envy your low post count. But I guess I’ll give up one more for this thread :slight_smile: .

Who…are you? All the same, welcome back.