Did we declare war on England around 1820?

I seem to remember reading on some message board - probably not SDMB - that the US declared war on England in 1820. Can’t remember where I read it and can’t find any reference to such a war. Am I making this up, or maybe confusing it with something else?

No. Perhaps you’re thinking of the War of 1812.

Maybe you’re thinking of the “Aroostook War”?

No, but we dd invade part of Russia back in the aftermath of WWI. Put forces in Akhangelsk (Archangel) to kill commies and everything.

… which was in 1918-20. Given it’s a different opponent and different century I’m not sure what relevance to the OP you see in that event.

About the same time as the Aroostook War, there was the Caroline affair. It did not lead to a declaration of war, but it could have.

In 1837, the Caroline, a privately owned American ship was aiding an uprising in Canada (which was illegal under the U.S. Neutrality Act). It was captured by Canadian authorities on the U.S. side of the Niagara River, set on fire and sent over the falls. In the process, an American named Amos Durfee, who may have been an innocent bystander, was somehow killed. Three years later a Canadian sheriff named Alexander McLeod was arrested for arson and murder in the affair while visiting New York state. McLeod had bragged that he had taken part in the attack, but it turned out that he was lying.

Had McLeod been convicted and executed, Britain probably would have declared war. New York governor William Seward and many in Congress wanted war but President Tyler did not. The President felt he had no authority to stop New York’s prosecution of McLeod, but he did dispatch the Attorney General to New York help the defense. Eventually McLeod was acquitted when he produced an alibi for the day in question.

Just for the benefit of all those non-English people in GB, the UK, or the British Isles, which are not synonymous terms, could I respectfully point out that England is not synoymous with any of them?

I mean, how would people in the US like it if everyone said to them: “You’re from New York, right?”

“No, I’m actaully from Chicago.”

“Yeah, but it’s the same thing.”