Did Ya'll See Letterman Last Night...Too Funny - Vote and Count

First Letterman had 8 or more flags behind him. You know the deal Bush had 2 behind him so Gore had to have 4 behind him and Letterman had to out do Gore therefore the 8.

Then the funniest bit was when Letterman said he wanted to count how many times Gore said “count” or “vote” in his speech Tuesday or was it Monday oh well. Anyway he had a little counter in a square to the left that said “Vote” above it and then another one that said “Count” above it in the other corner. Then he had algore in the middle giving his speech. They fast forwarded his speech until he either said “vote” in which another number was added to the “vote” tally and each time he said “count” another number was added to his “count” tally.

I was laughing my head off. I think at the end of the speech Gore said count 37 times and vote 23 times. If I am wrong, I am sure there will be recount. :smiley:

To be fair Wildest Bill, Letterman’s been doing the same thing with Bush-Cheney.

He looks just as stupid as Gore-Lieberman.

My opinion? Their both saying alot of nothing to keep themselves from saying much of anything.
BTW- As I was typing this up, I accidentally typed in Cush, instead of Bush. Pretty much sums up my opinion, however.

I didn’t actually catch Dave last night, way too late with a 5 month old in the house. But the local CBS station replayed it this morning during the news.

It was hysterical, but what really got to me is what an excellent French Stewart as Harry Solomon imitation Al was doing.

So you guys actually think letterman is funny? I have watched his shows on many occassions and barely ever laugh. Some of it can be amusing, but most of it is self aggrandising. I suppose half of it is also that he talks about stuff which doesn’t make it into the news here.
And I think the same of jay leno.

As to the reason I have seen so much of it, my housemate used to watch it eveery night and laugh. I never got the joke. Apparently the joke was that letterman couldn’t tell a joke. But I think that is pushing the joke too far.