Did you actually listen to the words of the song?

When I was around 7 or so, I thought Michael Jackson was in a huge hurry to get to his sweetie’s house very, very early in the morning in the song Got To Be There. But I was young, so I can be forgiven.

But when I was a teenager I had a friend whose boyfriend broke up with her and she was not having it. She had it in her mind that they were going to get married and he truly loved her, he was just fighting it. She had this big, elaborate plan to get him to see the error of his ways and one of her points was that she was going to mail him a 45 (remember those?) of The Doobie Brother’s What A Fool Believes.

Then there was that Presidential nominee who wanted Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA as his campaign song.

^^^I think the nominee, later to become President, also asked to use John Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses” (“Ain’t that America for you and me”) for his '84 relection campaign, whereupon the unruly-haired Hoosier said something like, “Did anybody there even listen to the whole song?”

Sir Rhosis

Sorry, can you elaborate on the first two? Never heard that MJ song, and am not so familiar with the lyrics of that Doobie Bros. song…


There used to be an NFL promo set to Eminem’s ‘My Name Is.’ At the time, I think the ad people figured 'cause he was white and little kids liked him, his lyrics couldn’t be that bad. Le sigh…

Third Eye Blind’s ‘Semi-Charmed Kind of Life’ was used in Inspector Gadget (among other G-rated shows and movies), even though it contains lyrical gems like


Some state legislator in New Jersey wanted to make “Born to Run” the state song. Albert Brooks got a great routine out of singing lines like the following at official state events:

Apparently, lots of people use songs like the Police’s “Every Breath You Take” and REM’s “The One I Love” as wedding songs, despite their being about a stalkerish obsession and a contempt-filled break-up.

You can look 'em up. TPTB don’t want people posting all the lyrics to a song and I think you’d need to do that to understand how mistaken my poor friend was.

Got To Be There is a song about how MJ has got to be with his girlfriend in the morning when she wakes up-- Oh, what good feelings they’ll be, the moment I know she loves meeeeeeee!

He was running to get to her house before she woke up, right?

The local minor league ballclub insists on playing Springsteen’s “Glory Days” after games, despite that fact that it could easily have been titled “Loser Has-Beens.”

But, you know, it’s upbeat and it mentions baseball.

Wasn’t “Rockin in the Free World” used in several contexts in which it was apparent that they listened to the chorus and not much else?

Exapno Mapcase, I’m almost positive that was Robert Wuhl who did that routine about “Born to Run”, but it was hilarious. I remember seeing him do it on Comic Relief in 1989 or 1990. It wasn’t just the inappropriateness of the lyrics, as he pointed out, but the mental image of standing next to your grandmother at a baseball game, hand over your heart, belting out, “WHOA-OOOHHH!!”

“I Will Always Love You” is 100% a breakup song, but it’s become a wedding standard. I don’t think forcible sterilization should be out of the question for people who can’t figure that out.

Fortunate Son by CCR was used for a patriotic Wrangler Jeans ad.

Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me a M-B by Janis Joplin was actually used by M-B who either liked the irony of it or just wanted to appeal to baby boomers.

OTOH, I think Michael Moore used it with the right idea near the end of Fahrenheit 9/11.

Didn’t hear about that. But I remember George Will wrote a column that made it clear he’d interpreted it as a patriotic anthem.

He has this great rep, but I’ve yet to read anything of his that convinces me that he’s actually smart.

Cat Fight, don’t forget the even less subtle

It was Wuhl. What a great image:Me and Grandma, “WHOA-OOOOHHH!, The highway’s packed with broken heroes on last chance power drive . . .”

This kills me everytime I see the commercial

Or what about Carnival Cruise lines using “Lust for Life” – with the liquor and the drugs, and the sex machine

How about the Democratic National Convention using “Let’s Get It Started” as their theme song. Of course, that is the sanitized version of a song originally called “Let’s Get Retarded.” :smack:

The animated, kid-friendly movie Robots used “Wonderful Night.” Lyrics of the full version include “Our style’s fucking Posh like Dave Beckham.” :smiley:

For me it was All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You by Heart. I loved that song for years and then actually paid attention to it.

Brief synopsis for those that haven’t paid attention…Girl can’t get pregnant by her husband (boyfriend or something, it isn’t specified), so she goes for a drive and picks up a random stranger literally off the street. They go to a cheap motel, screw all night and she leaves before he wakes up. Turns out he knocked her up that night. Later she goes back with her man and her baby and tells him he’s the dad, thanks for the sperm…now have a nice life. Oy!

Of course. Robert Wuhl, not Albert Brooks. :smack: Sorry all.

Or how about the artists that record the song. Bruce Robison wrote the song, but Tim McGraw recorded it. Music and lyrics here, lyrics only here.

So either he is stating he is was impregnated by another man and does love men (not that there’s anything wrong with that), or he never really read the lyrics.

SSG Schwartz

This came close, but even there it was abused. Two of the verses are spliced together, leaving out that the kid (who won’t get to “go to college”, “fall in love”, or “be cool”) is an abandoned baby. I think it’s cut in right behind “kinder, gentler machine-gun hand”, probably to make it seem as if the ‘kid’ is either a soldier or ‘collateral damage’.

I don’t think so. In the first line, he’s the man that’s being referred to. He’s telling her it shouldn’t be so difficult to love him.
The second line, I don’t know, it just sound like her boys look like her. He probably sees her when he looks at them.

If that is the case, then why is the line:

I initially saw it your way, **Wisp **, but then that would mean, either, it is difficult to love a man who constantly pisses you off and thinks she should get over it, or it’s difficult to love someone who loves someone who is always angry.

SSG Schwartz