Did you associate Lindsay Lohan with the eTrade commercial?

Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for 100 million dollars for this commercial (Youtube). Apparently, she feels that the “milkaholic Lindsay” referred to in the commercial was a swipe at her. In a New York Post article, Lohan’s lawyer claims:

It never occurred to me to associate the baby in the commercial with Lohan. What do you think?

Nope - just thought of Lindsay as a currently popular name.

Never even considered it.

It must be taxing to have the world revolve around you. I don’t know how LL does it.

I want to say no. But when my husband I talked about it when it became news, he reminded me that when I first saw that commercial that I commented that I wondered if they chose the name “Lindsay” because of her.

I don’t think they were making the connection and I don’t think it was deliberate (and her lawsuit is ridiculous!) but I thought it was an amusing aside at the time.

I think the little girl in the commercial should sue Lindsay for suggesting there’s anything remotely Lindsay-like about her.

It takes a pretty huge ego to think you’re the only “Lindsay” in the world.

I guess she didn’t get the memo that her career hasn’t been relevant since Star Wars. At this point, she’s really a pseudo celebrity that’s only known for being outrageous. e.g. Paris Hilton

There are worse things to be known as than a “milkaholic”. Sexaholic, cokeaholic, alcoholic, you name it. Lohan needs a drastic reality check.

I saw a report on the lawsuit on TV and it was mentioned that (IIRC) one of the employees of the advertising firm that wrote the ad is named Lindsay. It didn’t specifically state that that’s why the name was used, but I can see it as a more reasonable explanation than assuming the “milkaholic” was a reference to some pseudo-celebrity.

No, but thanks to the lawsuit I am reminded what a mess Lindsay Lohan is.

I assumed it was a reference to Lindsey Graham.

I don’t believe for a second that the name was used because some staffer was named Lindsay. The marketing folks very deliberately chose the name Lindsay because they thought it would be funny to lampoon her. Marketing and Advertising people are very deliberate about everything in an ad and they’d be acutely tuned into the Q rating of Lindsay Lohan.

That said, I’m guessing their target demo is much less likely to make the connection and I personally didn’t notice it, but that’s probably just because I don’t pay much attention to commercials without hot girls in them. :wink:

Since the lawsuit was brought I can’t help but think of Lohan every time the commercial comes on now, so I suppose that’s something.

Why would anyone think of Lindsay Lohan when this commercial comes on?

Isn’t Lindsay the most popular girl’s name in the US right now?

Nope. Never even occurred to me.

Who the heck is Lindsay Lohan? I saw the milkbaby commercial. It made be think of a girl child named Lindsay with a milk mustache. Not some bimbo that apparently thinks she’s more famous than she actually is.

I think the alcoholic/milkaholic connecton seals it in favor of Lohan’s position. They wanted to evoke the idea that he may have been with a girl who had addiction problems but was hot enough to be a threat, and they chose lampooning Lohan (band name?) as the best and easiest way to do it. I haven’t seen the commercial but I have no doubt that I’d have instantly thought of Lohan if I had.

No but when her attorney said to use “Susan”, I immediately thought of Susan Lucci.

I didn’t see the ad until after I heard about the brouhaha but it doesn’t really make sense that it was her, to me…if the baby was hanging out with Lindsay it suggests she was just a normal girl, not some famous actress.

looks like I gave Lindsay too much credit. She wasn’t in Star Wars. I had her mixed up with Natalie Portman. She’s had her share of problems too.

Looking at imdb, I don’t recognize any of Lindsay’s movies. She is definitely a star only in her own mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

She actually had the gall to compare herself with Oprah and Cher? Talk about delusional.

No I didn’t.

I do now. Way to go, Streisand.