Did you buy a Powerball ticket?

I did for shits and grins.

ETA: and a very insignificant chance to win $500 million.

Nope. Lottery is a tax on people who can’t do math.

Only takes a couple’ bucks to win, my friend. It’s a cheap high for a few days, where’s the harm?

How much longer do I have, or is it shut down already?

Not necessarily. I spent $1 to get a lottery ticket, full well knowing that my chance of winning is infinitesimal.

At the same time, SOMEONE will win, and I get more than a dollar’s worth of enjoyment out of the idea that there’s a (however tiny) non-zero chance that someone could be me, and imagining what I might do with that much money.

Yes. Of course. It’s a 250 million to 1 payoff. The cost is insignificant to me. The potential yet incredibly unlikely payout would be significant. I don’t expect to win, so in a way it’s a waste of money, but I won’t regret it tomorrow, it’s just $4 (I doubled my chances of winning).

I’ll let you know tomorrow when I post on the CSDMB.

It’s a one dollar investment in hope.

Pocket change for a fantasy. Works for me, and it’s cheaper than most.

Two dollar investment, actually. Powerball doubled the price a few years back.

I bought a few quick picks. It’s money I can afford to waste, and I almost certainly won’t win, but if I did, oh how glorious it would be.

I play lotto regularly and only in state, unless the jackpot on the bigger ones (Powerball or MegaMillions) goes crazy up.

I don’t smoke, I rarely drink. This is my one vice other than hanging out on the internet.

Yes. If I win, I win; if I don’t win, I’m a proud taxpayer.

When it gets high I buy one (1) random pick ticket. It’s two, three dollars – I’ll just skip a fancy cofee I don’t need anyway, and I’ll joke around with the other people in the line and at the office. No harm done.

I always look at my ticket for the big Powerball drawings as a life insurance policy. I’ve played the same numbers for years, so if I didn’t buy a ticket and those numbers won, I’d have to kill myself! Hence, by buying a ticket each time, I’m in no danger whatsoever.

I buy a lottery ticket once in a while. What I buy depends on what day of the week it is, and how much cash I feel I can spend. Today I have one quick pick for both Powerball and Ohio classic.

I won’t win, but looking up the winning numbers will kill a little time in the morning.

dropped a 20 tonite - hell, its half a billion dollars - know its highly, highly, highly unlikely I’ll win, but for tonite, I can sleep well and dream of big boats.

I for one welcome our new Czarcastic Overlord… :smiley:

(Good Luck!)

I can do the math well enough to know that a one-in-500 million chance of ever having that kind of money is bigger than a zero-in-500 million chance (which is what my chances are if it comes down to relying on my own initiative).

So what’s the other dollar for? Is THAT the “bad at math” tax?

(Powerball tix are two bucks. :p)

Nice of you to be so generous with my money, your Excellency.

Was it Czarcasm who called “Dibs” on this jackpot? No, in point of fact it wasn’t.

Was it me? Why bless my soul, so it was!

I don’t have much interest in running this place, so I’ll probably buy it for my good friend Czarcasm, anyway…