Did you ever celebrate a fictional day?

“Six billion human lives ended on August 29, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war ‘Judgment Day’. They lived only to face a new nightmare. The war aganist the machines…”

On August 29, 1997, I had a bunch of friends over, rented a laserdisc player and the extended cut of Terminator 2 (at the time, only available on LD, I think), and we had a grand old time.
Anyone done anything similar?

November 11th-Woodrow Wilson Smith.
Chocolate cake, but no candles by order of the local fire department.

I rang my sister on May 15 and said “Help! Help!” very quietly.


On the fifteenth of May,
In the Jungle of Nool
In the heat of the day
In the cool of the pool
He was splashing,
Enjoying the jungle’s great joys
When Horton the Elephant
Heard a small noise.

Not yet, but you’re all invited to my mayan-themed Christmas party on Dec 21, 2012.

October 23, of course. The day the world was “created”.

Not a holiday from a work of fiction but…

My birthday was on a Sunday this year. It was also the same day as my sister-in-law-to-be’s bridal shower, so the actual day was kind of shot.

Instead, I took the day off on Friday and gave my brother (who works for me) the day off as well, declaring it Jessica Day. I told him the only stipulation of him getting the day off was if anyone asked why he wasn’t at work that day it was “because Jessica is awesome.” That ended up being kind of funny because a lot of his in-laws were in town and he told them all “Jessica is awesome.”

For my part of the Jessica Day festivities, I made my boyfriend go clothes shopping with me and we got ice cream and saw Hot Fuzz. Yay!

October 8th - the Feast of Maximum Occupancy


My friend’s birthday is also Judgement Day, so that usually plays a role in the festivities.

I call or email several friends every November 5 - the day time travel was invented.

September 22. Bilbo’s birthday.

Strangely enough, I was just reading that last night.

Well, in Austin, we celebrate Eeyore’s Birthday every year. It’s grown into a huge hippe bacchanalia with drumming circles, constumes, beer, and general merriment.

I’ve been trying to get my boss to let me off to celebrate Muad’dibs transmutation of the Water of Life. But he’s been presecuting me ever since he found out that it happened on every other Friday of the year.

Mark your calendars now!

January 31st is National Gorilla Suit Day!

I usually wear a lilac tshirt or something for the Glorious 25th of May . (Not actual lilacs, of course; I wasn’t there.)

You know, I’m going to bookmark this thread and write down all the dates and events. It sounds like a cool idea for a fun calendar!

The Liberation of North Twentyador (Twentyador being the only country other than Ecuador named for its line of latitude; in fact, it is named for its longitude and latitude).

Harry Potter’s birthday.


I’m a pretty lax discordian, but when Friday falls on the 23rd, I generally remember to joyously partake of a hot dog.

We’re supposed to do it every friday.

The 3rd of September
A day I’ll always remember


The 3rd of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day

In the past I have celebrated 4/20 when it wasn’t even April.