Did you ever have the fear...

That one day you will finally get that great political carear of yours going, only to have some pesky reporter dig up all of your postings on the SDMB.

"Now Senator, why this great curiosity about ‘felching’ ?

No, my closet was already so full of skeletons that I gave up any idea of a political career long ago.

If any of you, however, rise to political prominence, I’ll be doing searches. :wink:


“Now Senator, was it drugs that kept you from spelling even simple words like career correctly?”

I would be proud of my postings here, and still post here as the President of the United States.

So long as no one mentions bunnies, I’ll be just fine.

Shuts freezer door again

Me, have a chance in hell of getting nominated to run for office. Hee. That’s funny.

Well not after they drag out everything you have ever said on here!