Did you ever lick your own blood?

You know, not like some weird vampire fetish or anything, but like, you have a scab, and you pick it and it starts bleeding and you don’t have any tissue handy so you say, “screw it” and just lick the blood off?

Jever do that?

Tastes sorta funky. Not bad. Sorta sour-salty, iron-ey, kinda.

All of the time. It seems so natural to me that I wonder how many people DO NOT do this.

Well yeah, doesn’t everyone?

I kinda like the taste personally, but I’m not about to deliberately hurt myself to do this.

Exactly. Doesn’t everyone?

You know, almost any time someone asks one of these kinds of questions, I find myself asking, “Doesn’t everyone do that?” Maybe I’ve just found my niche here at the Dope.

See, I find myself asking, “EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW!!!”

Well, I suppose that’s not a question so much as a exclamative declarative statement of my personal opinion, but let’s not be picky here.

You just don’t fit into this particular niche, is all.

Yup. And blood doesn’t taste iron-y, it tastes coppery. Doesn’t everyone know that? Of course, it depends on where the cut is. I tend to suck on my papercuts. (Okay, now I sound weird.)

I thought only Vulcans had copper blood.

I do. It tastes great.

Erm, not the copper blood, the licking of my own blood.

Of course. It’s called recycling.

So when you get a cut in your mouth do you then vomit?

By the way, the snot that doesn’t come out your nose slides down your throat and past your mouth (and occasionally winds up IN your mouth).

My work here is done!

What else do you do when you cut your finger??

Well, I can’t say I’m crazy about the taste, but yeah, pretty much as an automatic reaction. I tell my kids too, when they get a minor cut, to just suck on it. It seems to stop any bleeding pretty quick.

Start seaching all nearby chili and frozen custard?

I don’t think little finger pricks count. You gotta get a good scab going and lick that puppy.

You’re sick! I like that in a person… :smiley:

No no no. I’m not that easily creeped out. First, I can’t remember the last time I had a cut in my mouth. I generally make a habit of not putting objects that could cut me in my mouth. Second, snot doesn’t bother me, I never notice it unless I need to blow my nose. It’s just the idea of intentionally ingesting blood that skeeves me out.

Yep, in fact, if I cut my finger or something, it just sort of automatically goes right into my mouth. I heard somewhere once (no cite, so it’s good this isn’t GD) that there are some special amino acids or something in saliva that helps stop bleeding quickly.

Lick my own blood? Who knows what I might catch?