Did you ever taste port cider?

Or is it called cider port? I heard the name just once this evening, spoken by a guy who offered it at a party.

Anyway, it is very good. Apparently made analogous to port wine - hard cider fortified with a calvados-like apple spirit to stop the fermentation, then barrel aged. Lots of complex flavors.

Either I’m really bad at googling right now or the internet is unhelpful. Do you know this stuff?

Yeah, my girlfriend’s dad makes it. He calls it “pommeau”, which is French for “apple-water” as near as I can get it. He’s from Brittany, where apple drinks are very traditional. I love it.

No. But given that I like everything you mention (Porto, hard cider, Calvados), I guess I will be on a quest to find it.

I thought it would be easy, since France produce quite a lot of calvados and hard cider, but no luck so far. Although I found a company selling interesting related products : calvados cream, triple cider, something made of calvados and apple juice, etc…

I’ll keep that in mind, and someday, I’ll find it.

Nope, never had it. Yep, your description makes me think I have to get a bottle.

Ok. If you’re in the USA, I found that : pommeau

Ooops…Missed your post. I’d have spared time spent searching for the French name of this thing. Now, I need to buy some.
Is your screen name related to your girlfriend’s dad production?

It’s not, actually, though I hope to go down and help with the harvest this year.

What I meant to say is, no, my username (which is close to unique across the internets; I think I’m about half of the unique uses of it across the tubes) predates the lady in question. I mean, it doesn’t predate her, of course, but it predates my knowing her. And pommeau is really delicious; my folks, who are much too Midwestern Redneck to enjoy anything but sweet white wines, make a point of drinking pommeau every Thanksgiving.