Did you get sick from your flu shot this year?

My mom and I have been getting flu shots annually for over 25 years. She was a hospital worker (anesthetist) and it was required. This was the first year that she got feverish and chills for a day afterward. It’s never happened before.

I still await my fate. It’s a lot harder going knowing I’ll probably get sick too. Flu shots have never been a big deal in the past. Exercise a little afterward and your arm won’t get sore either. I’ll suck it up and get it later this week. I plan to take two Tylenol just before to try and fight off any chills or fever.

Did you get the regular or extra strength shot this year? Get sick for a day?

I got my shot as always; it was about three weeks ago, and everything’s been fine since.

Oops! Had a brain fart and pushed the wrong button. Take one off “normal one and had a reaction” and add one to “normal one and did not have a reaction”.

I didn’t realize there was more than one version (or maybe Canada only has one version?). I had whatever they were shooting people with; presumably the normal one. No reaction.

I’m not sure what “extra” flu shot this year the OP refers to in his poll.

We had that big H1N1 piggy flu scare in the 2009-2010 season. I got the “regular” jab in Oct 2009 but held off on the H1N1 “extra” shot. – I was waiting to see if the Teeming Millions who got it would start dropping dead. In Feb. 2010, seeing that no such thing happened, I went and got the H1N1 poke. As it turns out, I didn’t drop dead either (yet). I’m not aware of any “extra” flu shot other than the “regular” one since then.

Am I missing something? Something important?

I think you got whooshed. An extra-strength flu shot would be one that sickened the recipient.

I’ve never gotten a flu shot, and I don’t plan to start this year. No, I’m not an anti-vaxxer; I just don’t feel it’s necessary for me in my current condition (44, healthy, and not in any of the major risk groups). As far as I know I’ve never gotten the flu either.

I voted no big deal. No aches or fevers, but two days after I received my shot I ended up sleeping for over 11 hours. That might have been due to the really long week that I had though. I got the inactivated vaccine.

My workplace offers free shots, so I get them every year even though I’m not in any risk groups. No reason not to. And the guy specifically told me this year that they used a dead vaccine, so it was not possible to get the flu from it.

I have never gotten a shot either. I’m also not anti-vax, but I just don’t know why I need one.

Fairly healthy 55 year old female here.

My doctor always recommends that I get a flu shot every year, and I get one every year. I get a little sore and feverish each time, but it’s pretty minor. I also get a pneumonia shot on a regular basis. I used to get two or three cases of pneumonia a year before I got the shots. Haven’t had a case since I started getting the shots.

I got my shot today. Other than it hurting a bit more than normal, nothing so far.

I’m 0 for 2 on flue shots. The last time I got one was in the 80’s and it didn’t go well and this one was worse. It was like playing full contact arthritis football. Not sure why. Very discouraging. I only got it because it was free and given on a Friday so I’d have time to recover.

My doctor insures me there’s no possible way I can get sick from a flu shot, yet, every time I get one, I get flu like symptoms for about 24 hours. My shot related symptoms are so common that it’s become a family joke. I passed by the nurse station today in fact, and didn’t stop.

For those of you who don’t know why you need a flu shot, just wait till you get the flu. I had it once, about 20 years ago, and I *still *remember how sick I was.

Yes, I got mine this year, and no, I have never had any bad reaction to it.

I have been getting flu shots for many years, including the earlier swine flu shot from 1976, and I have never felt sick afterwards. My arm has been a little sore, but that’s it.

Got the shot two weeks ago. Other than a very sore shoulder, no problems the day after.

I’m sick now but it’s probably just a cold.

:confused: no joke or whoosh intended.

There is an extra strength shot for the elderly and people with impaired immune or respiratory systems. Primary care doctors will generally tell the patients that need the extra strength. I’m pretty sure this is the first flu season its been offered.

There’s limited dosage of the extra strength and they only give it to the people that need it. I really should get it because I’ve had double pneumonia about twenty years ago and was in the hospital ten days. It took a combination of three IV antibiotics to kill the bug.

Everyone else gets the standard flu shot.

No shot here either, just because I don’t see a need as I get a cold or “bug” maybe every four years or so, and only had flu once in my life, almost 40 years ago.

I did have a flu shot about 15 years ago when I was volunteering at a hospital. It may have been coincidence but I came down with the mother of all head colds within a week of the shot.

I had my flu vaccination in March, and I had no effects.

The last time I had a flu shot I broke out in hives and wheezing, so no more flu shots for me. They don’t give me the flu, or flu-like symptoms, but rather a life-threatening allergic reaction.

One reason for healthy people to get the shot is so they don’t inadvertently pass it on to the sick/elderly/infants/people like me who can’t get flu shots. That’s the reason people working in hospitals or doctors’ offices or nursing homes may be required to get the shot. Then there are people like me, out in the community and appearing very healthy, but not able to get flu shots.