Did you Get the New Shingles shot? Were you sick afterwards?

My mom got the first injection of the new Shingles shot Sunday. The pharmacist warned her of the possible side effects.

She immediately developed a very sore arm.

By Monday she had a headache and explosive diarrhea. She went through 2 pants yesterday. It’s uncontrollable.

Tuesday (today) she still has a throbbing headache and sore arm. The explosive gas is very annoying. It forces her to rush to the bathroom just in case there’s something behind it.

It’s been rough for her. She still has to get the 2nd injection in a couple months.

Mom got all the side effects except the rash.

How did you react to the Zostavax shot?

If it’s the “new” one in two doses, it’s Shingrix not Zostavax.


There’s another thread on this somewhere, and side effects to varying degrees including flu-like symptoms are common. Personally, I had a sore arm, and felt very run-down for about 36 hours, no diarrhea.

It’s unpleasant, but I think it’s worth battling through it (unless she gets really sick, of course). Shingrix is much more effective, and Shingles is a nightmare.

I’m not old enough for the shot.

I asked my mom which shot she got.

She couldn’t find the exact name on her paperwork.

It’s the newest shot. Most pharmacy are out of stock. She was on a waiting list. Walgreens called Sunday and said they had a few doses. She rushed down to get it before the supply ran out.

It’s definitely Shingrix then, it has been so popular that it has been in short supply everywhere.

I just got the second Shingrix shot three days ago. For both shots, I had very, very mild flu-like symptoms for about half a day: mostly fatigue, and a vague feeling of my temperature being off (although a thermometer showed no fever).

ETA: it is indeed in short supply, but I had the best luck finding it at a CVS “Minute Clinic.”

I stop at the flu shots although given my personal history I should probably add the pneumonia one as well; I’ve had pneumonia more than 6 times in my life and once quite badly. But the shingles one just isn’t on my radar.

Which probably means I’ll get it this month.

I got Shingles in my late forties (2003). It attacked my left scalp, forehead, and eye.

I had to get to a Opthalmologist ASAP to save my eye. I have cornea scarring and early cataract has developed in the 12 years afterwards.

I was on daily prednisone eyedrops for 10 years. Every time my Opthalmologist weaned me off, my eye got painful & blurry within 5 to 6 weeks. One time I made it 4 months off the drops and the eye flared up again.

I’ve been off them this time for two years. Still seeing the Opthalmologist twice a year. He says it’s possible that my eye could still flare up.

I got the original shingles shot around 2008.

My opthalmologist recommends that I get the new shot.


Oh crap. After seeing what my mom is going through. I’m waiting to see if her second shot is just as bad.

Fyi, per that CDC link, they are recommending getting Shingrix even you have already had Zostavax (and even if you have already had Shingles). Zostavax is only about 50% effective, Shingrix over 90%.

I will get the Shingrix shot.

I may have to use sick leave at work. I definitely don’t want shingles again.

I don’t know if there’s any data on this, but if you have already had Shingles, I would think if anything you might expect your reaction to Shingrix to be less severe.

Is it necessary if you’ve had shingles? I had shingles and developed post-herpatic pain that went on for 18mos. I do not want the shot. I’m afraid of it. The shingles is a nasty and painful disease. I assumed I couldn’t get it again. Crap. I’ll have to ask my Doc about this.

I have gotten both the old and the new shingles shots. In all 3 cases (as mentioned upthread the new shot is 2 doses) I had a sore arm for a day or so. No other side effects.

You absolutely need the shots. Sorry. Shingles is an outbreak of the same virus that causes chicken pox in children. The body simply reacts differently when it breaks out in an adult who has had chicken pox as a child. And shingles reoccurs.

I haven’t had an outbreak since I got the shingrex vaccine (the new one). Prior to that and post the first vaccine, I was getting outbreaks every couple of months. I am in my 60s.

Got both shots. Fortunately my PCP (Mayo Community Internal Medicine) reserved doses for the second round for those of us who had the first round before the shortage got bad. Only side effect was a really sore arm for 3-4 days afterwards.

Since I have no macular vision in my left eye due to a retinal detachment, no way I was going to skip the shot given all the stories of shingles affecting the eye. Plus my wife had shingles in 2017 and had two months of misery.

I mentioned it in another Shingles vac thread the week before Christmas. I got the first of the Shingrix shots and felt horrible all the next day–fever, and that kind of muscle ache where your arms and legs feel very heavy and it’s an effort to move unless you absolutely have to. As if I were coming down with the flu, but with no respiratory symptoms. I also developed a migraine, but I don’t think that had to do with the vaccination.

I went home and went to bed in the afternoon, and woke up some time in the night. The fever and muscle ache had gone. I felt okay, if a bit wrung out, the following morning.

After that, I’m planning to take the next day off after I get the follow-up shot.

My symptoms on the first shot were similar to yours - not the migraine part, but flu-like without respiratory symptoms. But to give you some cause for optimism - my reaction was quite a bit milder after the second shot.

Got it a little over a month ago, the only side effect was a sore arm for a few days (which is nothing new for me).

Yeah, sore arm for me, too. Actually very sore for a while, woke me up a couple times. Lasted a day or two. That was about four months ago now, and I haven’t been able to get the second shot because they’re always out of it. I’ve heard differing stories about how effective a single shot is and how long you can wait to get the second one, but the 2-6 months window they recommend may close without supply becoming available.