Did You Hate Dirty Dancing?

So…ladies- and guys- of the Straight Dope. I need your aid.

It appears a popular stereotype that all males hate the film “Dirty Dancing.” (Jester is a male. He hates- no, abhors- it. There’s one example!) Now, in order to prove my thesis…(Males detest the movies. Females love it. This may be due to a strange chemical. More on this later.)

So, are you male? Are you female? Did you like it? Were you in love with Patrick Swayze (sp?)? Did you think the music rocked. Do you cry in that last scene where they dance to (I’ve Had) the Time of my Life? I want answers.

For the record- I’m female. I like this movie. I know, I know, it’s stupid…not a great movie at all, and corny. But it just makes me feel so good when I watch it and see the ending. And I like listening to the soundtrack. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure, right?

What are the teeming millions cogitating?

As a young adult male, I would have to say that I hated this movie but the opportunities presented by it’s title are very appealing. I watched this movie with three female friends, and it was one of the few times I could say, “Hey, do you want to do some dirty dancing?” without sounding overly perverted. One can’t pass up chances like that, even if the movie blows.

I’m female, and this is one of my alltime favorite movies. I watch it whenever I get depressed.

The first thought I had when I read the thread title was: “I’m a guy! Of course I hated it! Dammit, I STILL do!”.
I suppose that answers your question. Now, drop your pants and assume the position. You’ll be severely spanked for bringing this movie back from the far, far gorges of my brain, where I thought it was safely buried forever.

Pammipoo? I’d watch it to GET depressed, I’m afraid. :wink:

Dirty Dancing is my Most Hated Movie Ever. I hate no other movie more than I hate Dirty Dancing.
I would rather pluck my eyeballs out with toothpicks than watch that movie.


Female, and I hated Dirty Dancing. I hate Patrick Swayze, I hate Jennifer Grey, I hate everybody who had anything to do with the existence of this movie.

Of course, my mother and little sisters adore this movie. They have it on video and watch it regularly. And they wonder why I never come to visit anymore…

I own it on tape. I love it, and have since I was about 8. It’s a freakin’ classic, people!

Man, that scene where Baby says, “Most of all I’m afraid of leaving this room and never feeling again the way I feel when I’m with you!” and then the real Dirty Dancing starts - that’s filmmaking at its best.

All my girl friends who love this movie seem to think that scene is one of the sexiest ever, myself included. Perhaps because it the first sex scene I ever watched.

I get all choked up when Johnny and Baby do the lift in the final dance. What can I say? It’s symbolic of so much more than just dancing - it represents the emerging unity of the classes, it represents the joining together of two people who love each other…hell, I might as well break into “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong” and destroy whatever remaining respect you may have had for me.

It’s cheesy, it’s lame, but it holds a special place in my heart, snuggled in there with “The Goonies” and “The Breakfast Club.”

:slight_smile: Yeah. It is great, Sara. It holds that place in my heart, too. i’m glad i’m not the only one who feels like that.

I wouldn’t say I hate it, but I dislike it strongly. But then again, I typically don’t like “chick flicks,” despite being a chick.

FTR, I loathe “Steel Magnolias.”

My movie collection includes things such non-girly films as
[li]Brazil[/li][li]The Road Warrior[/li][li]Twelve Monkeys[/li][li]Pulp Fiction[/li][li]This is Spinal Tap[/li][/ul]
Not typical girly movies. The closest thing I have to a girly movie is “The Princess Bride.”

Female here, and I have no opinion one way or the other. It doesn’t make my list of favorites, but it also doesn’t make my list of hated movies. It’s just an “Eh” type movie… I wouldn’t go out of my way to either see it or avoid it.

Another female checking in here. Don’t hate it, but not a liked movie for me either. I’d go as far to say, if it were playing on a weekend afternoon or as a late night movie, I’d keep channel surfing, hoping to catch something interesting.

I am male and I, I, I have to admit, I like it. I liked it the first time I saw it and I still like it. Even if it means they take away my Manly Man book.

Of course, the reason I like it is I really had the hots for Jennifer Grey.

Still do sort of, don’t know why she got the nose job.

Oh yeah, I also really like the music.

I am a male. My mom loved this movie and continues to love it. I won’t say I hated it, but I had no clue why it was so popular. I watched it and I thought, “Umm…okay.” So I suppose I would be in the “didn’t like” category (though the final dance number really got me moving :D).

porcupine, you’re a woman after my own heart! :slight_smile: Brazil (I’ve got the Criterion Collection) and TIST (special edition) are two of my favourite movies and I really like the other ones you mentioned as well.

Nobody puts Baby in tha corner!


I saw it once, long ago, and never really thought about it again one way or the other. I guess it didn’t really make an impression.

{{ Brazil

The Road Warrior

Twelve Monkeys

Pulp Fiction

This is Spinal Tap }}

All great flicks!

I have no like or dislike of this movie. Eh, if n othing else is on and one of the stations is running it, okay I’ll sit down with the popcorn and watch it. I’m more of a Terminator kind of gal. [Okay, The Princess Bride, too.]

(former)Roommate loved the film. He loved Ghost, too.

I hog the remote, and he did the cooking.

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I like it, hubby likes it, daughter likes it. Then again, we all enjoy watching shows with dancing. (Daughter’s bf took her to see Fosse last week - lucky kid…) I never lusted after Patrick S, but I love to watch him move…

Sigh yes, I liked it. It has that same sort of corny, cheesy flavor as Flash Gordon, or The Last Unicorn.

It’s not a movie that I’d go out of my way to see again, but I wouldn’t change it if it was on and nothing better was on another channel.

Guy here…I actually liked it. Never had a problem with it. Of course, hearing my sister gush about Patrick Swayze when it came out was nauseating, but the movie wasn’t bad.


I’m a guy and I can’t stand that movie.
The music is sappy, the story is retarded, and what the hell kind of a name is Baby? That’s not a name!

Then again, I really liked Strictly Ballroom.