Did you hear the one about the rapper who gouged his eye out?

This is the story as I’ve heard it:

Houston (the rapper) is on tour along with Chingy. He is very depressed and attempts to jump out of a window in his hotel room. He is prevented from doing so. It is said that Houston is upset with all the sin he sees around him. He tells his bodyguards that he’s fine and he’s going to read the bible.

“It’s quiet in there,” think the bodyguards, “Too quiet!” The find blood on the floor and Houston with a bloody towel to his face. Houston says it’s a nosebleed. The bodyguards demand to see. Houston removes the towel and the see he has no eye.

“It’s better this way.” Houston is reported telling them.

I swear I’m not making this up.

url=http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1496457/20050202/houston.jhtml?headlines=true]News Story

Another report with a link to a picture - two click rule applies…


Even better with a fixed link: News Story

“If thine eye offends thee…”

Wonder how he scooped it out? sppon? Maybe a wire coat hanger.

Remember when Bushwick Bill from Geto Boys lost his eye because he begged his girlfrined to shoot him in the head, only she botched the job? They made an album cover out of it!

This eye damage motif must be some kinda 5th Ward thang.

Phew, I thought you meant that he ate it.

I guess he had to outdo that guy who always wears a band-aid on his cheek.

ROFL. I must have self-corrected the title when I read it, cause I thought it said “gouged.” :smiley:

You mean “gouged” unless he ate so much and got so full that the eye just popped out due to lack of room.

Askia, the link says he “stabbed” it out.

I don’t recommend any of you click through to the picture unless you have strong stomachs.

the picture wasn’t THAT bad. doesn’t begin to equal what you find at Rotten.Com

and no, i’m not providing links. some of you can’t seem to control yourselves, even when you’ve been warned.

That would be Nelly :slight_smile:

He took his own eye out of his very own personal head!

Ah, the downside of the mission of the Gideons…

Thread title fixed.

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Nothing good can come from hitting the pipe while watching an old Ray Milland film!

Well exactly. And as the fundumentalists have been telling us that the bible is 100% literal and metaphors of Of Satan, I assume they’ll be along soon to appaud his actions.

Houston was apparently hospitalized last year for treatment of manic-depression and has “struggled” since then. Personally, I read “struggled” as either having gone off his meds, or been using unprescribed additional medication. He was strung out on PCP at the time of the eye-gouging. If he was peaking in a mania, he could have had a psychotic break, as well.

He did it just so he could be called Blind Lemon Houston!

The sad part is that presumedly the people who were closest to him could see that he had problems but were more concerned about keeping the money train rolling than getting him the help he needed.

ludovic, you are a very, (snort) very naughty person.

I like your ways.

Oh man, is that message board painful to read.

It’s sad that he’s ill and I hope he finds the help he needs, whatever that is.