Did you poop with your classmates?

What in the blue blazes…? That is, literally, my nightmare. I’ve had it on occasion, where I go into this gargantuan bathroom where there are no doors or walls and all the toilets are exposed and it’s never-ending and men and women can both come in and it’s filthy and dark and dingy and horrible…

snaps out of it Where was I? That’s awful! No, I have never had such a thing and would have pitched a fit. My mother would have pitched a fit. I wasn’t raised to make my bathroom functions so public. Bad enough I have to use a public stall as it is - I’d much prefer to only go at home all the time!



My middle school had a restroom that had two toilets with stalls and one open air toilet along with a row of urinals. The open air toilet was never used for #2 as far as I know.

Wow. During school, I could barely manage to tinkle in a stall with the door closed (because others could HEAR me, you know), much less do anything else. I think I would have collapsed in hysterics at the thought of an open session. (Yes, I was a “sensitive” child.)

Reminds me of this.

No, I’ve never seen a toilet without at least walls. The ones in high school didn’t have doors.
I don’t think I’d like to have zero privacy when beaming down a Shatner.

My high school had stalls, but no doors.

Frankly, I didn’t really care. I was in there to take a shit, and if someone looked at me, he’d see that I was taking a shit. I didn’t have any reason to believe my process for evacuating my bowels was substantially different from anyone else’s; mine didn’t smell like lavender and neither did the next guy’s. So what did I care?

Seriously – what was someone going to see that would make them think badly of you, when you and they both know they do the same damn thing themselves?

Midwest high school 1980s. The boys’ bathrooms were routinely stall-less as a result of vandalism. Most people avoided No. 2, but sometimes it was impossible.

Teachers had separate facilities.


And I’ve never understood the reluctance to shower after gym class, either.

Look, just cause you have confidence about yourself in these matters, doesn’t mean everyone does! I was raised like a lady and don’t they say these kinds of…feelings are indoctrinated so early you can’t change them easy? My parents were adamant about the way I did my bathroom functions and in what company.

(FTR, I pooped in India when I had to with only thin walls, and managed, but that doesn’t mean I liked it or enjoyed it. )

I kid you not when I tell you the OP’s scenario really is a recurring nightmare for me. shudders Just like the one where all my teeth fall out. COnsidering my parents practically beat me into brushing my teeth/taking care of them, I can sort of see why I’ve got a complex about it. Same idea.

For those of you who are female and had door-less stalls in high school…what if you had to change a tampon? That had to be a pretty horrible situation.


I couldn’t even tell you what the bathrooms at my Jr. High or High School looked like. It was a risk to your safety to go into them. Since I wasn’t into being robbed or beat up by a gang member or unaffiliated thug, I held it in until I got home. I think that my Elementary School had stall walls but no doors and I never took a crap there.

Graduated high school in '86, in Spain. My K-8 had been co-ed for K and girls-only 1-12; there was another school in town which got “our” boys 1-12… a rearrangement which took place between my 2 and 3 sent mine as K-8 coed and the other one as 9-12 coed. The building where I went K-2 was from the 1950’s, and K was co-ed back then (the grandparents of some of my classmates had met in kindergarten there!). For 3rd grade we moved to the original school building, which was almost 300 years old but had been reformed in the '50s; a new wing was being built.

K classes had a bathroom at the back, large enough for the teacher to enter with you and help if necessary. For other classes, gym, the bathrooms at the yard… it was bathroom with stalls.

Especially if, mid-change, all of your teeth were to fall out.

I have a funny mental image of one giant toilet that all the classmates can sit on and poop together. What a bonding experience that could be.

In a perverted way one of the almost pleasant memories of a long gone youth is of evenings sitting in the barracks crapper at Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas, bare butt and cheek to cheek with six or eight other guys, taking a dump, polishing boots and shooting the breeze until SSG Walker stomped in, turned out the lights and sent everybody to bed. In a Kansas summer the crapper was the coolest place in the building --a WWII two-story wooden mobilization billets. Four squad bays, forty-four men, eight sit-down stools and a trough.

I don’t know how I managed it, but I don’t think I ever used the bathroom during elementary school. In high school, we did have separate stalls but I don’t remember pooping in them.

Wow, that’s weird. And Anaamika, I have the “no usable toilet” dream quite often as well. :frowning:

I don’t mean to say that I think it’s impossible to care about … just that I, personally, didn’t see any reason to care.

I was being self-deprecating, so don’t worry about it, but I also was trying to explain WHY I care. I know I’m insane.

gigi I have heard many people have it.