Does anyone have any bad highschool experiences they want to share? Today I got harrassed in the bath room by some kid and his “group” (7 in all). All I wanted to do was to use the urinal and be gone. But for some reason they felt it wasn’t in their best intrest for me to do that. I have been going to public school all my life, and now for the past to years I went to a private school, and it is awful. They definately have a lower “freak tolerence” here. A lot of the people can be friendly, but there is always that one group. Anybody have any bad memories they would like to share?

Once, in High School, when taking a leak at the urinal, a guy walked up to the nearest urinal and started giving me “pointers” about how it is best to pee w/ one hand and put the other hand as high up as possible on the wall


CircusPhreak- Perhaps they were closeted gays and wanted to check out your “package”… You know, what better place to see naughty bits other than the bathroom eh?

I’m not gay, and I don’t have problems with gays. If they wanted to see it, they should of asked. Its weird though, they just like to hang out in the bathroom.

Why would anyone want to hang out in a bathroom? If I recall correctly, public restrooms smell terrible (seeing that I was in one today).

Stupid guys. There’s not much you can do except ignore them.

Oh Welfy, thanks…not all of us are that stupid…

please; don’t degrade Welfy-she’s well-respected and a great person.

anyhow-no, I haven’t had any strange bathroom/HS confrontations, but I DO find it strange every time someone does start talking in the restroom, it’s like an un-spoken code or something…

So, you didn’t beat the shit out of them why?

Actually, I was referring to the guys who cornered Circus in the bathroom as stupid. Their behavior was totally unecessary in my opinion.

Do not jump to conclusions when you don’t know me.

Necros, it’s probably better for CircusPhreak to not beat the shit out of anyone since either

  1. the kids’ parents will sue the shit out of him
  2. most schools will fine students a big sum of money for fighting. It works that way at my school, at least; I go to a public school.
  3. Hi Opal! :slight_smile:

I guess I was what you’d call a freak in high school. At least most of the other kids did. (y’know, spiked up hair, funky clothes, and all of that). There were very few other people into the same stuff, but we managed to stick together. During assemblies, the jocks would dump confetti in out hair (do you know how hard it it getting that shit out when you have big, spiky hair?), we’d get random insults from perfect strangers in the hall, for a while, everyone decided we were lesbian witches. Unfortunately, high school kids tend to be scared of embracing their differentness, so they get a little rattled when someone else does. I for one was glad to be an outcast from that group of morons. I’ll never forget the day my friend climbed on a cafeteria table in her combat boots, fishnets, and shaved head and yelled at the top of her lungs “HEY FREEEEAK!” at me when I was walking in. Too funny. We enjoyed that fact that they couldn’t stand us and you’ll notice that a lot of the cool teachers will actually find you to be a breath of fresh air (if you’re respectful to them. If you’re just a rebellious jerk, they’ll hate you as much as they do the rest of the students). As I get older, I get more mellow, but I’m glad I struggled through all the verbal abuse and stayed true to myself.

Don’t let it turn into a physical fight, just imagine them in 20 years with miserable lives, no imagination, and only vague memories of how cool they were because they bullied some kid whose name he doesn’t remember. Time and karma are the perfect revenge (or reward). Keep on keepin’ on and let your Phreak flag fly! :slight_smile:

I didn’t beat them up because of 3 reasons.
1.) I’m pacifist, so the whole violence thing is out.
B.) There were 7 of them.
III.)They could beat the living piss out of me, they are jocks and preps.

I feel for you Desk monkey. I had to go to a mandatory pep rally once and some kid told me to “go shoot some one.” Which was quite tasteless in the wake of the Columbine killings. What those kids did was wrong, and I’m not justifying it, but I know what they had to go through.