Did You Prank Anyone For April Fools?

I pranked one person, my teenaged son. He gets headaches, and they think it’s at least partly related to low muscle tone in his neck and shoulders. He’s just starting another round of physical therapy for it. I told him today that his physical therapist had called and said that he had to wear this at school every day for 2 hours, to build up his neck muscles. He totally fell for it and was properly mortified.


no, I didn’t.

Oh, come on… with your sparkling, witty, gregarious personality?? Now, that’s hard to believe. I get it, your reply was an AF prank! How meta!


On a tangential note, I hope your kid’s headaches get better and the PT helps, though. Chronic headaches suck.

I’m waiting for Star Wars Day.

Yep, they do, and thanks. Something’s gotta give with those things, for sure.

Ah, I see. Saving it up! :cool:

I told my staff I didn’t really have cancer or need the bilateral mastectomy, I just have Munchausen’s and am desperate for attention.

My wife wondered aloud how Christians celebrate this, the Wednesday before Easter. I didn’t have anything prepared, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

I mentioned the tradition of my church growing up, the Easter Chase, where the pastor acted the role of Jesus fleeing the Pharisees in Jerusalem while all the children chased him around the church shouting and waving our fists.

She’d not heard of this tradition, and was surprised at it, until I said, “I forget what today is called, though. Easter Wednesday? Maundy Wednesday? No, wait, I remember, April Fools Day!” and then was appropriately pissed off/amused.

I described it on Facebook (minus the reveal) and wondered whether others celebrate the day the same way. Celebrate “the day,” get it?

They didn’t. Some replies:

I kept peppering the comments with things like, “Really, none of you celebrated this day this way?” and even, “how do you as an adult celebrate this day, if not by telling ridiculous stories to unsuspecting victims?” but the incredulous comments kept coming.

Finally I said, " I don’t remember the denomination–it was called First Church of the Benedictine Hill. There was a hymn that was always played during the Easter Chase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg ." That ended the responses.

What gets me is all these people who went to Catholic school K-12 and have no issue with “Jesus fleeing the Pharisees in Jerusalem.”

I like it,** LHOD**!

Just goes to show that not all the world’s humorless people are on the SDMB.

I haven’t pulled a prank for AF since elementary school, where it consisted of “Your shoe is untied” <pause while they looked> “APRIL FOOL!!!”

And to be honest, it’s mostly because I can’t get away with it. I’m a lousy actor and inclined to giggles. As for what others do, I’m OK with clever pranks, but I really hate deliberately humiliating someone - that’s just mean.

So, no, I didn’t do anything, altho I fell for IT’s PM.

I told those nuns I wasn’t going to stab them.

Such japes!

Yes. Two.

In our weekly team meeting on our super ambitious project, I told the team that my analysis led to the conclusion we had a whole bunch more work to do. It’s complicated, but the words aspheric gratings, evanescent waves, and band pass rejection ratios were used. The whole team believed me except for the PM who has a background in optics; he looked confused and doubtful. I finished up talking about schedules based on an April 1st start date and people started to get it.

For the second one, I gave notice. As I said we are in the middle of a very ambitious project and if I (or any other member of the core team) left we would be in deep shit. I told my boss that I had received an offer I could not refuse from a company that hired our lead mechanical engineer not 3 months ago (we are still reeling from his loss even though we replaced him with 2.5 experienced MEs). The look on her face was beautiful!

I posted on Facebook that my husband and I were going to join Scientology and we’d be traveling to Los Angeles soon to begin the process of going clear. “All Hail Xenu!”

I didn’t, and I really wish this stupid day would just die. It’s well past being interesting. To me anyway.

I took a small packet of Cheetos and opened it at the bottom and replaced the Cheetos with baby carrots. Then I carefully sealed the bottom with Scotch tape.

I then handed the packet to my six year old for his evening snack. He was thrilled that it was Cheetos and not his usual healthy snack of fruit or yogurt smoothie. Watching a six year old squawk “Whaat” for a few minutes was fun!

The night before, I told my impressionable son about the idea of the Second Coming of Christ, or the current popular belief in how the Rapture would unfold. How those “born again” would disappear in the blink of an eye and all the sinners would be left behind. The born again would ascend into heaven, while those left would experience seven years of tribulations and evil let loose on this earth from Hell.

The next morning, myself, wife and daughter placed our clothes on our beds in a human shape, and hid in closets.

When he woke up, he wandered around for a bit. Then started calling out for his mom. When he went into our bedroom and saw the clothing, he started to panic and ran to his sister’s room. Then crying for a few minutes and saying aloud, “I’m sorry, I was good! I’m sorry!” to God.

That’s when we started making low growling sounds from inside the closets, scraping the inside of the door with our nails. He FREAKED out screaming, and that’s when we all jumped out and said, “APRIL FOOLS!”

He was still crying a half hour later.

Well, at least that’s what I wish I would’ve done for April Fools. Instead, I inversed the colors on his laptop monitor and told him he must’ve got a weird virus. He said, “no, that’s just this app” and closed it.

april fools.

According to my Facebook profile, I was a Nobel Prize winner, Time magazine’s Person of the Year, the President of the United States. . . and Batman.

My son and I put glue in a bowl with some cereal yesterday morning and after everyone came home that night he ran up to his sister to give it to her and “accidentally” spilled it on her. I’m not huge on April Fool’s jokes, but we all got a good laugh on that one.