Did you take Midrin for migraines?

And if you did, what are you taking now that Midrin and its generics are no longer being manufactured?

I changed to frovatriptan as midrin stopped working for me

I switched from Midrin to Neurontin to Topamax.

Midrin never did anything for me. I take a combination of preventative meds everyday (corgard, pamelor, topamax) to keep the migraines at bay but as far as abortive meds midrin has always been useless (as are most prescription meds). So are imitrex and all other drugs in that family of meds. Surprisingly, the ONLY thing that helps at all when I have a bad migraine (and Ive had morphine injections at my worst-to no avail) is excedrin. Now, its no magic pill but along with ice packs and bed rest the otc medicine is a help.

Midrin’s a sedative. Its “popular” ingredient (dichloralphenazone) gets metabolized into chloral hydrate, a Schedule IV drug. Otherwise it contains acetaminophen and a vasoconstrictor, isomethepten . Studies have shown the vasoconstrictor is as effective in aborting a migraine by itself as it is in combination with its other two ingredients. But isomethepten is not available by itself.

I prescribe cafergot for my migraneurs as a migraine abortive med. Occasionally I’ll move on to triptans if the cafergot doesn’t work well enough.

Migraine prophylaxis (prevention) is a whole 'nuther topic.

Excedrin Migraine works for a surprisingly large number of migraineurs too. One needs to watch how much is being taken, as rebound migraines can occur. But it’s a pretty cheap, safe, effective med for lots of folks.

I take large about three Tylenols, asprins, and caffeine pills. Repeat every hour till the pain gets to a level I can live with.

Why not try excedrin? That way you are taking one product that contains all three of the ingredients that you are taking seperately.

Excedrin Migraine is the exact same formula as regular old Excedrin. Cite (See ‘Version’.). The only difference is an insert they put in the package with migraine information on it. I mention this only because if plain old Excedrin doesn’t work for you, Excedrin Migraine won’t, either.

This is correct. A friend of mine was doing the exact same thing until I explained this to him.

Also correct. Sometimes one of them will be on sale somewhere and cost significantly less than the other kind.

I pop one Excedrin a week on average right when I feel a migraine coming on. I am pretty lucky in that my migraines aren’t all that horrible but they are enough to take me way off of my game when I get one. It’s a wonder drug.

I took Midrin as a prophylaxis; same with Neurontin and, now, Topamax. When I get a migraine I start with Maxalt and move to an Imitrex injection, unless I wake up with it, in which case I go straight to the shot, as it’s already too late for a pill. I sometimes can catch it soon enough to get away with OTC; that is, Excedrin Migraine or its equivalent.

When the OP said “for migraines,” I took it to mean either prophylaxis or abortive.

Cause the three generic brands are cheaper, and I can take them separately if need be.

Not a good idea for prophylaxis, IMHO (nor in the opinion of most neurologists and other headache specialists). A steady dose of chloral hydrate along with a steady dose of a vasoconstrictor is usually not considered an optimal strategy.

Neurontin and topamax are good prophylaxis drugs, on the other hand. Though I still favor beta-blockers first. Tricyclics like elavil have a pretty good track record too.

Neuropharmacology is tricksy…

That makes good sense. BTW, there is a generic Excedrin which may be cheaper if you can find it. It’s called “Painaid ESF” (Extra Strength Formula.) I’ve only ever seen it in two packs in the medicine cabinet at my work though. It’s made by Zee.

Excedrin Extra Strength (caffeine, acetaminophen, and aspirin) works within 10 minutes for me. It’s a wonder drug. Generic works just as good.

I still keep my 19 Midrin. Fortunately, I don’t get migraines too often. And I plan to find a compounding pharmacy if I run out.

And, no, a vasoconstrictor alone isn’t just as good, as I have yet to find one that is not a stimulant. The sedative counters the stimulant effect. And I do not want to have to choose between being in pain and being so jittery and panicky that I can barely stand it. And stress is highly correlated with migraines: heck that’s my trigger. And I can’t take triptans with my SSRI.

It’s ridiculous that they took away the one abortive that can be used by anxiety sufferers. An abortive that, in clinical trials, worked better than Imitrex.

Didn’t you say you suffered from hypochondria? It merely makes me wonder, that’s all.

I take Migraleve: paracetamol, codeine and some antiemetic. And I go to bed for two hours or so, if I can.

My migraines are pretty mild, though, touch wood. Also I get an aura, so I’ve got plenty of time to nip it in the bud before the pain kicks in. If I get the Migraleve into me and crash out as soon as I start seeing flashing lights, then I end up with barely any pain at all.