Did you vote today?

Mods, feel free to move this to Elections if you want, although my reasoning for starting it here is because I figured the answer would be a given by anyone who would already be browsing an elections forum. However not everyone reads or visits that forum and I’m intending this as more of a “general” thread rather than one specifically talking about the election itself or anyone in it or anyone’s opinion on people in it, etc.

Put basically, it’s just a “yes” or “no” poll pertaining only to whether people voted today or if they’re the type that ignores the primaries and just waits until November to do so.

For those that did, was there a big turnout? How was the mood of the crowd or other people there?

Should we ignore if our state is not voting today? or answer no?

No primary here, so no.

Ah, I didn’t know it wasn’t happening all over. I’ll add that to the poll.

Virginia has its primary today, so yes. It’s weird to use a whole sheet of paper for a single contest–seems like a waste of trees. Electronic voting wasn’t an option.

I said “Yes” but Texas has early voting, so it was actually last Thursday. I turned up right at opening time, and there was only half a handful of people there.

New Jersey tried to be relevant one year and moved up the date of the primary. Now it’s back to June 7th. So we get to let the rest of the country decide who our candidates will be.

I’m surprised you didn’t mention that there’s no primary in Arizona today. It takes place on March 22nd.

PA – closed primary and one of the last ones held; so that would be a negative.

Really? You’ve never heard people make a big deal about NH, Iowa, Nevada and/or South Carolina before other people vote?

no, the MI primary is next week.

but I’m just going to sit this whole thing out.

Nope. I don’t usually follow current events, news or politics.

Since I voted in your poll, does that count? We had no official ballots today.

We’re April 26th, which isn’t nearly as bad as NJ or CA (June 7th). DC is the last to vote; on June 14th.

Clarification - I meant it as “I didn’t vote today”. Being late isn’t always bad; I believe there have been times when the decision was basically made, the nomination won, in the last few states.

I live in Virginia, but I did not vote today for ethical reasons. I always vote in at least the annual elections, sometimes other ones, but considering I do not consider myself a Democrat or Republican, despite that I there are candidates I may find more or less offensive, I cannot ethically contribute to that vote. I’ll wait until the main election and vote for the best person on the ballot, probably not from either of the major parties anyway.

I didn’t. There was no point. Clinton and Trump were expected to win in a landslide, and they did.

I consider myself neither republican or Democrat but in GA it doesn’t matter, one does not register by party. Even in the primaries I vote for the candidate I want. I simply request the correct ballot to do so.

Yes, I voted. Even with the much larger than normal turnout it took almost no time. I parked my vehicle at the voting facility at 4:59 PM, walked in, chatted with a poll worker a bit, voted, walked out and got back in my vehicle at 5:05 PM.

I wanted to, but I had something else pop up, and ran out of time. And while I know that it wouldn’t make a difference, I do hate that Arkansas when to Trump. I was even gonna vote for Cruz even though he’s not my favorite, simply because he actually could have beaten Trump.

(I’m still registered Republican from back when I still just did what my parents said. And I decided my vote would have been worth more on the Republican side, than on the Democratic side.)