Didn't I See This in a James Bond Movie?


Anybody know if any British citizens were in the area?:wink:

Maybe you’re thinking of Remo Williams when he destroys the HARP prototype satellite(which later turns out to be an advance hologram) while he is sneaking around looking for evidence at their production facility. You know, right after he dodges the dobermans…

Yes, I have seen the movie a few times, why?

Well, I’m a British citizen, and I live and work within 2 miles of the Lockheed Martin facility (in Sunnyvale, CA) where that incident occurred.

However, I was out of town on Saturday, so it couldn’t have been me.


And I’m not a spy, really I’m not.

I think it was The World is Not Enough, when Bond is trying to escape from something and pushes over a big satellite to slow his pursuers down. I know it was a Brosnan movie and not Goldeneye but I haven’t seen the newest ones.

Close. Tomorrow Never Dies is the film.