(Didn't know I was) Unamerican

Watch this.


Here are the words to the song – (Didn’t Know I was) Unamerican, by Ian Rhett

It’s not mundane or pointless to me, but it’s something I wanted to share.

Its also a violation for posting song lyrics on the SDMB.

Yeah, makes you EVEN MORE un-American, violating property rights like that. Look for a black helicopter coming to your place soon.


I’m telling!

runs off to snitch on everybody

Ya commie pinko bast*rd! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, as poetry goes, it’s execrable, IMHO; the meter is inconsistent and some of the rhyme is forced, to say the least. I’m also wondering which side of the Atlantic the author is from, considering he’s using a non-American spelling in this part (bolding mine):

Obviously, a Brit is as entitled as anyone to express an opinion, but of course a British (or Australian or whatever) is by definition not American.

On a content basis, some of the allegations and connections are tenuous as well.

But we’re allowed to post limited sections of lyrics. Maybe the song has 70 verses.

Nope. I looked at the linked site (to check the spelling I noted, and to see if that came from the source or the OP). What was posted is all there is.

The Sons of Liberty were terrorists, though, weren’t they? I mean, there was the tea thing, and there were assaults and murders of Boston loyalists.

Ah, yes. History is written by the victors. The early days of the American revolution were, well, revolting. The Tea Party was just the start of it. There was rampant violence against people and property not just in Boston but in New York City as well.

He violated no copyright by posting the lyrics. Probably just by luck though.

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