Die Hard Cubs/Wrigley Field Fans Question

My husband and I were wondering the other day if Ronny Woo Woo has to pay to get into Cubs games, or if someone has bought him season tickets or if the Cubs have adopted him as some sort of unofficial mascot who gets in for free? I’ve been to five games this year and he’s been at every single one. I know that for me, I spend at LEAST $50 every time I go, I can’t imagine Ronny (or any ordinary fan) has the kind of cash to do that every day.


I don’t know.

But, far be it from me to not respond to a Cubs thread. :smiley:
And by the way, who the hell is Ronnie Woo Woo?

Ronny’s a fan who has a trademark cheer. He wears a cubs uniform that says Woo Woo on the back and he cheers like so:


Cubs WOO Cubs WOO Cubs WOO!

He says Woo between every word? Annoying? Sometimes, but it always makes me smile to see him at games. This year they even let him sing the seventh inning stretch for us! His fifteen minutes of fame. We were all thrilled for him.


Bowie Baysox (Orioles’ minor league affiliate) has “Crazy George”. Shows up to EVERY game with his jersey (Crazy George on the back) with his bodran and his… er… drum whacker? and pounds to “Let’s Go Baysox…bum…bum…bumbum” ALL night. He’s actually pretty annoying. He gets in for free.

Now I gotta come up with something better so’s I don’t hafta pay.
I know this has nothing to add to the OP, but jarbabyj was so good to me in Chicago I just had to peek my head in her and help her all I could. :slight_smile:
for some VERY odd reason, when I read “Ronny Woo Woo”, the first mental image I got was a very old and very stoned Ronny Wood (of Rolling Stones fame) jumping around at a Cubbies game! Thanks!!!

take note boys…I know how to treat the dopers when they come to town… :wink:



I’m sure your answer is there somewhere. I get the impression that they basically just let him in, I’ve seen him giving tickets to the gate agents in the bleachers before, but if he didn’t have one I doubt he’d get booted. It mentions that lots of players give him tickets.

And rasta…how the hell can you call yourself a Cubs fan and not know Ronnie Woo Woo? For Gods sake man!

The saga of him and his new teeth is downright comical. Everyone from Mancow, Howard Stern, and Murphy’s Bleachers tried to buy him new teeth for a promotion.

The guy, love him or hate him, is legend.

I knew a guy that was the manager of all the ushers at Wrigley and I asked him about this a while back. He said that Cubs management deffinitely does not give Ronny tickets, and if they find he does not have one, they kick him out. I like the entertainment he brings to the park, but I guess management thinks he causes too much a problem. He usually is just given tickets by other fans I was told.