DIE, thread, DIE!!!

Why won’t THIS Jax Ashby-fucking, Mark Serlin-felching thread DIE? It is FUCKING ANCIENT now!!!

Please, let it DIE people! I am sick of this thread! Isn’t anyone else? Just a note: It’s not the people I have a problem with, it’s the fucking thread! The only problem I have with the people is that they keep reviving it. FIVE months??? DAMN. This fucker should’ve went to Postville Cemetery about 4 months ago.

I have made a serious effort to reduce my exorbant amount of posting, and I think I have done a good job. I realize I need to particate in other people’s threads more, and this will come. However, I do not, and will not, go about resurrecting threads that should be corpses by now.

I usually have a no-pit-posting policy, but this really has me pissed and I had to say something. I know I am not the only one here who frowns on resurrecting out-of-date threads.

Again to clarify, I am not flaming any persons, only their act of raising dead threads.

MSK has spoken. Thankyou.

I have noticed that you haven’t been around, and missed you. I thoght we might have scared you off. As for that thread, I get to the pont that if there is 2+ pages, I don’t even look anymore. Takes WAY to long

Better to dig up an old thread than to start another one on the same damn subject, MSK.

This is a harmless thread that people are apparently still interested in–there’s a big difference between that and some troll ressurecting old controversies to start fights. I have to assume that bringing back old threads is not evil by itself–you will notice there is no policy of locking old threads in general, which would be easy enough to do.

I don’t know who you think appointed you the Thread Police, MSK, but here’s a brain wave–if you don’t wanna read it, then don’t open the fucking thing.

MSK, you said pretty much the very same thing in the thread in question. That it was ancient and should die. I don’t know who you think you are that you feel the need to tell people when they should stop posting to a certain thread, but no one is under any obligation to listen to you. Obviously people are still interested in the topic or it wouldn’t continually get resurrected.


Who cares?

I never claimed to have any authority here at the SDMB, whatsoever.

You sorta imply you have any say or power here with that whole “MSK has spoken” bit. Sorta like “Elvis has left the building”.

BTW, isn’t it a worse crime to post “why don’t we let this die?” than to resurrect an old thread if you have something of actual use to say?

Taken from the thread in question:

Time to move on folks? Not trying to claim authority, yet telling people that it’s “time to move on”. I guess that makes sense. :rolleyes:

Huh? so someone resurected a thread I started. Well, good for them if they have something to add to it. Is the second time that tread has been brought back to life. Once by the Evil Osip and just this week.
I do notice that when it does resurface it stays about 3 to 6 days where some of the new posters add their thoughts and then it sinks again into the murk.

What can I say people love me. Well, maybe not but I am allowed my delusions.

At least it is the the Fate ruins Osip’s Date thread.
While that is one of my favorite posts, it is a bit embaressing and really stunts my chances to flirt shameleesly with a female poster.


Okay, so maybe I handled it incorrectly. Perhaps it would have been better to ASK if it was appropriate to continue that thread in light of it’s age.

Regardless, I request that this pit thread be closed, please. I’m staying out of here from now on.

All I know is I take sick, perverted pleasure whenever some newbie resurrects this thread every other week. It’s too powerful to be stopped!!! Mwahahahahahahaha-a-a-a-a!!

Well, MSK . . . your first pit stop.

At least you didn’t ask to be flamed.

Don’t apologize MSK - this is the Pit after all. Many people act and do a lot worse here, I don’t see anything out of line about your rant.


MSK: what’s the point?
I could see if it were a fight thread, like an argument that people kept adding fuel to the flame, or if it were a troll post, but it’s just a topic…

MSK? No such luck, tg. But I agree about the long threads. I have the attention span of a gnat.

This thread has been coming and going for over a year now:

Who cares? People still have some stuff to say!

MagicalSilverKey said:

Perhaps it would have been better if you didn’t try to inflict your notions of what it is “appropriate” for other people to post to.

I really don’t understand people who get their panties in a bunch over what thread titles they have to see on page one of a forum. I could see it if the thread or title was offensive somehow (yes, I know that’s vague), but for something like this it’s ridiculous. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. This isn’t hard to figure out.

When I saw the thread title, all I could think of was Sideshow Bob’s tattoo–>The thread, The!

Yepper, nothing more annoying than stale news. We’re not talking about the Code of Hammurabi or Canterbury Tales here, but sometimes stuff keeps getting discussed.

Pisser, but true.

If sufficient air feeds the decaying bodies of threads past and resultant gasses of interest float the remains to the surface of the swamp we call the board–(ish! this analogy is disgusting)–then who are you, or we, to question the sensitive noses of cadaver hounds who detect compelling olfactory meaning in the cadavers?

Sorry, I just grossed myself out.

If a poster had started a new thread about the same topic, somebody would have come along and pointed out the old one anyway. Look on the bright side - the newbie figured out the search feature.