Difference between Audio Book and Podiobook?

A friend of mine has been trying to get me to check out podiobooks. She swears by them for her run or a long drive.

I have told her that I have a handful of audiobooks I am slowly making my way through. She says Podiobooks are better.

I am under the impression that they are the same thing.

Am I right, or is she?

Never heard of them before, so I looked them up …

Audio books you get as a single CD/DVD/download, podiobooks come in small pieces that are downloaded, assumably to go on an IPOD/MP3 player.

The only difference I can see is that if you buy an audio book, you get it all at once, if you susbscribe to a podiobook and the company tanks you may never get the last chapter…

Ah, so a podiobook is a podcast of an audiobook. Unless there are books that you can only get in that form, I’d say plain audiobooks are better.

It would be like the old days when you purchased serial fiction magazines. And look at how well those have done.