Difference between Marijuana and Hashish

I looked up MJ in the encyclopedia and it gave me the effects, said it was made from Hemp, most commonly smoked, sometimes mixed with food, and that a chemical called THC was responsible for most of the effects.

I looked up Hashish and it said the same thing. THC is the chemical, hash is mostly smoked, sometimes eaten…Comes from Hemp

What is the difference between the two?

Hasish is the pollen and resin from marijuana. Until sinsamellia was developed, hahsish was much stronger than the leaves and buds (flowers) from marijuana.

Basically you just take the best, most potent parts of the plant, grind and screen them, and cook/press it together. It’s usually kind of doughy but sometimes hard as a rock.

Sinsemilla is not a recent development. It’s just an unfertilized female plant. Hash made from any plant, sinsemillia or not, will be more potent by both weight and volume than the original plant.

To flesh out the above, grass (dried leaves and the female parts of the marijuana plant) contain between 1 and 5 per cent THC by weight. Hashish (compressed blocks of marijuana resin) can be stronger–up to a 25 per cent THC by weight. However, hash is commonly adultered with paper pulp or caryophyllene.

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This is no longer correct, due to hydroponic technology and cross breeding techniques marijuana can be bred to be as high as 25% THC. Also hashish has regularly had THC levels as high as 75% as far as I’m aware hash oil is nearly 100% THC anyway and hashish is effectively just hash oil of varying degrees of potency depending on the vegetable matter content.

Hashish varies in its appearance depending on the manner it is made usually resulting in either ‘blond’ hash or ‘resin’ hash. Blond hash is light in colour and sandy in texture whilst resin hash is dark in colour and oily and tacky in texture. There is also another, less common type of hash known as ‘scuff’ which is a simpler form of blond hash but made almost entirely of THC crystals. I would describe the manufacturing techniques but I’m not sure it is appropriate.

Ah, thanks for the correction. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to note that hashîsh is literally the Arabic word for **‘grass’. ** Really. The grass growing on my lawn, if I were to talk about it in Arabic, is hashîsh. Arabic uses this same grass word for both marijuana and “hashish.”

So kind of like a lot of people do with the word ‘grass’ in english speaking countries?

Yeah, we think our slang is new and modern, but in this case it goes back at least a thousand years.