Different type of intelligence?

Long times ago, in an unrelated online discussion, I was introduced to the concept that man does not have one type of intelligence, but have many. Those different type of intelligence enable a person to pick up different type of skills. Hence, there is one intelligence for IQ, one for EQ, one for ability to pick up motor skills and so on.

It has been a long time since the discussion, and I have no idea where to track down that thread (on another site). Can anyone enlighten me on this subject?

Check this out.

I’ve certainly seen the differing types of intelligence in people. Both in what they know and how they best learn new skills. My father is a prime example. He is positively brilliant when it comes to verbal-linguistic skills. Mediocre at math-logic and near handicapped visual-spatial skills (not kidding…stunning to see someone so smart absolutely helpless when handed a screwdriver). I also see these reflected in how he learns things. When we got our first computer (ages ago) my dad sat down and read the DOS manual cover-to-cover and took several legal pads worth of notes on it. Of course that did not help him much…to this day I have to walk him through saving a file to a floppy disk (despite multiple tutoring sessions, walking him through it over the phone many times and complete written instructions including pictures).

This is of course just anecdotal evidence but I thought it worth mentioning as it jibes well with the article linked above and in my dad these differences are delineated more clearly than in anyone else I have met.

Howard Gardner google him and there you go.