Different Unicode representation?

The Unicode character 9793 (♁) “EARTH” looks like a crossed circle in my text editor and my browser, but a cross atop a circle in Word and on Fileformat. Both symbols stand for the same but looks quite different. Are there directions to how Unicode characters should be implemented correctly or is that a free for all.

IIRC, the actual symbol that an application uses to render a unicode character is up to the writer of the application. The unicode standard just specifies that the number code have a particular meaning.

Agree its sort of annoying in this case, since I’m familiar with the circle with an “x” inside it as the symbol for Earth, but have never seen the cross ontop of the circle used to mean the same thing, and would interpret it as “Venus viewed by an astronomer standing on his head”.

How a character looks is determined by the font rather than the application. So if you set up word and your browser to use the same font, it would appear the same.