Different wrapping technique for Christmas presents

Many years ago, my mom came up with a technique to wrap presents that comes out really cool looking, and (maybe more importantly), is actually faster than the traditional technique. The only downside is that it uses a bit more paper than a normal wrap (also, the unwrapping is faster, which could be a bad thing or a good thing…) It looks extra-cool if you use striped paper.

A few years later, I did a photo-essayon how to do it.
So if you actually still wrap presents, check it out.

You’re right, it does look cool! I think your explanation needs more images, though. Maybe a video. I can’t quite tell how the bottom edge ended up working on the example.

It does use more paper but if I was wrapping that gift with that paper I’d end up throwing a bunch away that I cut off from the edges, out of frustration. I have a gift this size…I might give it a go!

I’ve thought about doing a video, but I no longer have enough clean table space to wrap presents!

The final end is finished just like you would finish a normal wrapped present.

Cool. I’m gonna try that.