Digital camera gurus: F200EXR or S90?

I’ve needed a new point and shoot for a while now, but I’m obsessing over what to get. I’m pretty positive I’ve got it narrowed down to these two. My untrained eyes tell me the Fuji F200EXR takes sharper pics with more detail. Look at how nice these pics are:

But I’m sure the Canon S90 wins for low light photos (and I’m sure there will be occasions where I’ll want good ones).

S90 Pictures: Canon PowerShot Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Both are very pocketable. Only the Canon shoots in Raw. Better night shots with the Canon. If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, or if who took the shots makes a big enough difference, The daytime pics of the Fuji are sharper (but at the expense of being noisier). If you had to pick one, which would it be?

Not sure why you think the Canon will do better in low light, the F200 EXR has excellent low light performance as well, possibly better than the Canon. I think these two are pretty darn close. I’m waiting for a direct comparison between the two - I think it will be very interesting.

The extra telephoto on the F200 is one thing to consider. Neither has HD movie mode so that’s not a differentiater. I like the Canon controls, and the big sensor is hard to say no to.

As you go on to say, the Canon has the bigger sensor. That generally generally means better low light performance. I’ve read that a lens with a speed of F2.0 will allow in twice as much light as a lens with a speed of F2.8. The S90 has a speed of 2.0 wide open while the F200 has a speed of F3.3. The specs alone say that Canon is the clear winner as has every post I’ve read in camera forums where posters have tried both. F200 shots I’ve seen at high ISO are very grainy and the S90 definitely outperformed it.

I like the the F200’s colors a little better and the sharpness on sunny outdoor shots, but I think I’m going to get the Canon sometime this week as it seems to be the overall winner.

Check out these night shots:

The Fuji EXR sensors have been very good at producing very good high ISO images, much better than any other manufacturer. Night shots, IMO, are a bit of a red herring since you need they’re usually taken on a tripod. I can’t tell from that thread what the photog was using. They’re very good shots but can also reflect the photographer’s skill.

I’m not saying the S90 is a bad camera, I’m seriously considering one myself. But the reviews of the F200 are pretty good too.

This review was before the S90 came out, and he hasn’t reviewed it yet.

Hi guys. Found this post as I saw the link to my PixPlanet web site.

I am definitely a fan of the F200 EXR. I was also interested in the S90, as it has Raw. I have downloaded many, many example images from users, and also all the Raw files from Imaging Resource. After processing the Raw files and pixel peeping, I concluded that the S90, albeit a very good camera, is not going to give me any better results using Raw.

If you look at my site under ‘Other Stuff’, you can see my F200 S90 comparison.