Digital phone lines and fax machines

Hello, I was trying to search this one out on google, but I am getting stuck with “Digital” being such a common word.

I have a friend, she just moved, and had AT&T turn on the phone lines for her, apparently, they are digital phone lines. At any rate, the regular phones work fine, but her Canon B640 fax machine will not work. They
called Canon and they said that the fax would not work with a digital phone
line, the fax requires an analog signal.

So, first, if someone can give me a little background on why this is, and second, is there a converter/adapter I can get, I would bet this is something many have to deal with when traveling ie: hotels etc. Also, specifically, what is this called, I am trying to locate fax machines that support digital lines, but a search on “Digital Fax” yields mostly machines that are digital answering style.


I have seen such devices. Try radioshack, if they don’t have it then the sharper image or brookstone (I’ve seen them in airport catalogs too). I don’t know what they are called

Feel for ya!! Try deploying a 100 member military team with 20 secure phones and finding out they only work with analog lines, and not the 20 DIGITAL lines supplied to us!!!

what was your solution?

Emergency run of 2 analog lines by the Comm people and severe limitations throughout the exercise :frowning: not a fun job that time

Didn’t have the time to search before. This is the search terms I used:
“digital telephone” converter

Also this worries me - any ‘regular’ phone should be analoge. Turn over that phone - if it says complies with part 68, FCC rules and/or has a ringer equiv. number (REN#) (usually from 0 - 1.5 bells) they that phone must run on the same type of phone line as a fax.

If the phone does have those markings then I would try the fax on another line to make sure it’s working.

you did try to use the fax on that line didn’t you?