Digital Pics - Print Quality

I’ve got to print and then a few digital pics. Will use my basic HP all-in-one printer It’s a very basic unit. Given that I don’t want to re-print and re-frame anytime soon, would I be better off taking my thumb drive to a Costco or Walgreens and using their printers?

Perhaps. Is your model one with the light magenta and light cyan in addition to the standard three plus black? My recently replaced HP 3 in 1 had two blacks as well. Using premium paper I’d use the HP.

Photo prints are probably better for light-fastness than cheap inkjets. If you hang it on a wall near a bright window, blow the money for a photo print. Considering what even a 8x10 costs (about $1 around here, a 12x18 $3), compared to 15 years ago when they cost $40 or more - it’s worth it for a framed picture. You spend more for a cup of coffee.

You mean you want them to last? Definitely go to the shops. In fact, they’re probably cheaper (I think about $8 for A4 size) - in home printing you pay for convenience and immediacy. Also since your printer is basic, the print quality will be better from the shops.

Huh? Costco Canada lists 8x10 for $1.49; Costco Leeds lists 10x8 (?) for L1.09 so prices for page sized photos are what could be loosely describe as cheap, cheap, effin’ cheap!

Colorfast is probably much better with real photo paper rather than relying on inkjet ink.