Dilbert (Jan 10, 2023)

Dilbert - Jan 10, 20203

OK, who is that supposed to be?

I don’t think it’s supposed to be anyone specific. It’s Generic Bad Liberal Tech Person.

Yeah, this. Note he worked at Twitter “Until Elon bought it”. Standard right-wing propaganda is that Elon was going to eliminate all the “liars” at twitter who were oppressing the conservatives. So of course this guy got fired, and is a liar.

Everything Dilbert must be read with a view to Scott Adams’ current right-wing pathology.

The way there was the “reveal” in the 3rd panel, I assumed it was representing a specific person. I took a look at a couple of sites that host Dilbert, looking through the comments. Couldn’t find anything.

The MAGA contingent is strong on those boards.

I haven’t read Dilbert in a very long time, but I don’t recall the strip doing cameos. Instead you have characters that represent archetypes, like “pointy-haired boss” or “guy who has to one-up everything you say” or “guy who hears you like something and gives you a nickname based on it and implies you’re obsessed with that thing”.

This is “generic Twitter employee that was fired when Elon drained the swamp”.

Straw men don’t have to be literal effigies of real people, and in Dilbert they usually aren’t. (I can’t think of a character who was ever based totally off a real person.)

People still read Dilbert?


What frightens me is that the typo in the OP suggests that we’re viewing a Dilbert comic from 18,000 years in the future – a future in which new Dilbert strips are still being created. :wink:

WALL-E has a lot of time on his actuators and is trying to reproduce what he infers to be the dominant art form based upon a strata of trash he uncovered which was dated back to 1997.


I guess I could see both 2023 and 20203 being pronounced like “twenty twenty three” if you are Alexa or Siri.

This reminds me of a time one person was asking another for the combination to a lock. They parsed the verbal answer “18-50-7” as “1857”, and couldn’t figure out how to spin the dial to get that.


Indeed. There are a number of comments about Dr. Fauci after that cartoon, with apparent general agreement that he should be executed. I don’t think this one was supposed to be a joke:

Fauci pitched the “gain of function” research to DARPA, who refused it for being too dangerous then he sent it to Wuhan and funded the research with the aid of the Gates Foundation, all the while having ties to Moderna which had been working on a vaccine since 2015! None of this was an “accident” it was premeditated murder!

It appears that ever since Scott Adams lost his mind and joined the lunatic brigade, he’s been attracting the very worst of the unhinged as loyal followers. It’s a shame because years ago, Dilbert was a funny, innocent takedown of corporate stupidity.

What? It’s been on autopilot for decades already. Who is to say it isn’t already down by a robot? That can be stretched out indefinitely.

Seriously, this.

Next, you will be telling me people still watch the Simpsons…

Are you Otis?

Wow…I just learned that:

  1. Dilbert is still coming out as a regular comic.
  2. Scott Adams is still writing it <–really?
  3. It’s a right-wing comic now.

Weird comic, for sure.

Do newspapers still have comic sections or are they mainly an online thing now? I haven’t purchased a newspaper in…too long to remember.

I don’t read Dilbert, but my first thought was that it looked like George Santos. After reading all your comments, I guess I’m wrong.

Twenty years ago, when Dilbert was still funny, and had no obvious political bias, an old liberal lawyer said to me that he felt Scott Adams had a dysfunctional view of corporate America. This was a cynical guy who knew there were issues with how large corporations function, but he diagnosed Adams as on his way to bashing America, and anything resembling a social contract, back then.

(And Dilbert got less funny after Adams left Verizon, or whatever giant corporation he worked for.)

Interesting observation from your lawyer friend, but as someone who’s frequently been at odds with corporate stupidity and bureaucracy in general, I used to get a special kick out of Dilbert. But yeah, Adams has totally lost his mind in recent years. Incidentally, Pacific Bell was his former employer I believe. Probably a miserably bureaucratic place to work.

I am still a subscriber to the Chicago Tribune. Yes, newspapers still have comics sections. Yes, people do still subscribe to newspapers. Yes, I’m old. :wink:

I do read a number of comic strips online; I have (old) bookmarks for my Tribune scripts that I actually like (Zits, for example), just in case they get dropped. I do not have a Dilbert link.

Dilbert is still, in general, a look at the absurdities of corporate life (and sometimes geek dating). Offshoots into the nutjobosphere are actually pretty rare. Kinda like BC is a joke-a-day strip that occasionally veers Christian. Then again, I haven’t read BC in eons - it might have gone fully religious and I just don’t know.