Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! How many have you been to?

For the fans of the show, how many restaurants featured on the series have you been to, and which ones? So far, these go to 11. :dubious:
Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Cafe - Victorville
Beer Belly - Korea Town L.A.
The Golden Bear - Sacramento
Jaxs on the Tracks - Truckee
Gatsby’s Diner - Sacramento
Squeeze Inn - Sacramento
Cafe Rolle - Sacramento
Polka - Eagle Rock
Mambo’s Cafe - Glendale
Fab Hot Dogs - Northridge
North End Cafe - Manhattan Beach

J.J.McBrewster’s, Lexington, Ky. It has fantastic barbecue.
Parkette Drive-in, Lexington. It has a fantastic sign.

I’ve been to Niko Niko’s, The Red Lion Pub, and Cafe Pita in Houston.

Maria’s Taco Xpress and The Magnolia Cafe in Austin.

They were all good, but we didn’t realize until after (and in the case of Maria’s) during our dining experience.

Personally, I would love the Magnolia Cafe (open 24 hours) for its sign–“Sorry–we’re open!”

A bunch!
Frank’s Diner, Kenosha, WI
Kuma’s Corner, Chicago, IL
Smoque, Chicago, IL
Hopleaf, Chicago, IL
Hackney’s, Glenview, IL
Edzo’s, Evanston, IL
Taste of Peru, Chicago, IL
Cemita Puebla, Chicago, IL (!!!)
Big & Little’s, Chicago, IL
Blimpy Burger, Ann Arbor, MI
Glenn’s Diner, Chicago, IL
90 Miles, Chicago, IL
BopnGrill, Chicago, IL
The Joint, New Orleans, LA
Creole Creamery, New Orleans, LA
Parisol’s, New Orleans, LA (though the food is now being served at Tracy’s around the corner)
Old Coffee Pot, New Orleans, LA
I think that’s it but there might be others that I’m forgetting.

Here’s a list.

I’ve only been to ONE restaurant that I’ve seen on the show: the Magnolia Cafe, here in Austin, TX.

Old hippies regard the place as a beloved instiution. I think it’s just a mediocre breakfast joint. Pretty good pancakes, but nothing worth travellling for.

This is a good resource:

One! Hildebrandt’s in Williston Park, NY

But I’ve also been to one of Robert Irvine’s Dinner Impossible feasts, in the episode entitled Crossword Puzzle Crisis.

I’ve been to Hillbilly Hotdogs.

The place is definitely an experience. The hot dogs are pretty good (however, I have not experienced the Homewrecker or the Double-wide), but I’ve had better WV dogs (i.e., with chili, onions and slaw).

I’ve never seen the show, but based on Munch’s link, I’ve been to:

San Francisco
Pier 23 - spendy, but decent
Tee Off Bar & Grill - only drank here
Tommy’s - excellent Margaritas, overrated food

Bunk Sandwiches - best sandwiches I’ve ever had, and ever will have
Otto’s - I buy meat there, haven’t eaten there
Pine State Biscuit - always mobbed, super heavy but good
Pok Pok - about a two minute walk from my house - excellent, but waaaaay too overcrowded all the time
Country Cat - surprised to see this one - basically what I thought was an unknown dive-y diner

Louie’s in Dallas - used to go there in college - great pizza and salads, stiff drinks

In Portland, OR:

Bunk’s Sandwiches
Pok Pok: best damn hot wings evah
Edelweiss: German sausage at its best
Ottos Meats (and other stuff): outstanding sausages

Of mine, Beer Belly, Polka and Jaxs on the Tracks were particularly good. I had the ‘Death by Duck’ at Beer Belly and it was exquisite. I had Kobe beef meatloaf at Jaxs with the best sweet potato fries I ever had.

The gulash and jalapeno & cheese pirogis were excellent.

Dammit, now I’m hungry again.

Once my desktop works again, I’ll definitely have to check out the links for Boston. As of now, never been to any. :frowning:

The White Palace Grill in Chicago and the Woodyard BBQ in Kansas City.

But I didn’t go to them because that show had been there.

Checking the map, I see I’ve actually been to a few more. The mediocre Grinders in KC and the Happy Gillis Cafe also in KC.

Cleveland: Melt Bar & Grilled; Sterle’s Slovenian Country House

36 in Cleveland. I’ve been to 8.

Huh. Lot of places I’ve never even heard of on the map. Let’s see:

Cemitas Pueblas
Chicago Brauhaus
Chuck’s SOuthern Comforts Cafe
DMK Burger Bar
Garifuna Flava
Honky Tonk BBQ
Paradise Pup
Vito & Nick’s

Cozy Corner

Chino Bandito

Nye’s Polonaise Room

I think the only place I’ve actually visited because of the show is Chino Bandito.

Been to that surf burger place in Ocean Beach, pretty mediocre, been to Sonny Bryan’s in Dallas, maybe the worst BBQ in Texas. Some of the places look really good, but that loudmouth fool goes crazy good over everything he eats. Oh yeah, The Magnolia Cafe in Austin, meh…

I only see 6 in Cleveland from Munch’s link. Are you searching just for DD&D restaurants or all featured Food Network restaurants?

R & R Taqueria, Elkridge, Maryland
Oohhs and Aahhs Soul Food, Washington, D.C.
Comet Ping Pong, Washington, D.C.

Here’s a list: