dining recomendations in Charleston S.C.

The family and I will be vacationing near Charleston (Isle of Palms) in early May. My wife and will probably get one night out without the rugrats and would appreciate any dining recommendations. I’ve eaten at Macrady’s (sp?) and quite enjoyed it, plus a very interesting wine list. Also ate at Magnolias, and while good, wasn’t bowled over by it. Someone recommended 82 Queen St - anyone know anything about it? Looking for a place to enjoy great food and wine, not too snobby though.
Also any recommendations as to where to eat with the kiddies? I guess they gotta eat too :stuck_out_tongue:

Earlier response. Don’t have much to add to it, other than I have been to Jestine’s since then, and it is on the recommend list. Also, Hominy Grill has an absolutely decadadent (sandwich?) There are several places nearby on Sullivan’s Island, too. I ate at the Poe’s Tavern recently, and it was good. Nothing special, but good. I’ve been back to The Wreck. Good food, even better than I had remembered.

Circa 1886 is very nice, but perhaps a little on the “snobby” side? They were very nice and friendly when we ate there, but it is most assuredly posh.

It’s a beautifully restored carriage house and I think stables behind the Wentworth Mansion downtown, and they have the single best shrimp and grits I have ever eaten in my entire life. I also had medallions in some type of apricot glaze… mmm. My husband had a fish of some sort, and it was also very good. The waiters were kind, and offered several different wines (we’re both clueless) which went nicely with the meal but weren’t the most expensive things they had.

I don’t know that it would be the best place for kiddoes, but it’s pretty small, and like I said, they were very laid-back and friendly, so if the kids are fairly well-behaved, I don’t see why not.
For the entire other end of the spectrum, if you like pizza, Andolini’s has some good stuff, and there are several of them all over the place. In personal experience, the downtown one is best, followed by the one just over the river in Mount P.

Agree, agree, agree!!! One of the best meals I ever had! We went after an afternoon of walking and barhopping, and while posh, I didn’t think it was too over the top snobby. Definitely give it a try.

My husband and I (Tripler, also of the SDMB) got engaged on IOP and married near the Battery! We love Charleston.

The whole family will like Vickery’s in the Shem Creek area, likewise w/ Sticky Fingers regardless of which location you choose (downtown or Mount P). They catered our little wedding.
I’ve heard very good things about this fancy-schmancy place but I never feel like I could dress up enough to go there.

Also, Henry’s on the Marketis fancy but not OTT and the food is wonderful.

Have a great time, I was just there 8 days ago and I already miss it.

I have been to every Andolini’s location and they all tasted the same to me - great pizza!

Thanks all for the reco’s. I will do some investigating and decide which are most appropriate.

**Earl **- Thanks for the link. Lots of options there. I’ve actually eaten at the Hominy Grill, quite enjoyed it.

Lasciel and Jenn Monkye - Circa 1886 Looks very nice. I checked out their website and the dress code doesn’t mention “tie required”, so I don’t think it will be too snobby. Big no for the kids though, they are definitely not ready for that kind of restaurant (three and one years old)! My wife and I might enjoy it on our one dinner out alone however.

Nawtha - We got married on Mt. Pleasant, El Hambra Hall. I lived on IOP for a few summers, and I always enjoy going back.
IIRC the Peninsula Grill is in a hotel. I agree with you, I don’t really want to get that dressed up, especially on vacation.
Andolini’s sound good though. The whole family loves pizza, so we’lll keep an eye out for it!

Ahh, didn’t realize they were *teeny *little people. “Kids” covers a lot of chronological ground. Keep your eyes peeled for Andolinis while you’re out and around with them - the pizza slices will be almost as big as they are!

And small world - my best friend got married at EL Hambra, in May a few years back. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding, and such a nice location. The actual ceremony was on the grounds, under that cluster of trees over by the waterfront. So peaceful!

Fig is absolutely fantastic.

I had a snarky waitress ruin my one and only trip there. She asked how I liked something on the artisan cheese plate and when I said I hadn’t, she told me it was for a ‘more sophisticated palate’.

It’s the very place I came to recommend, actually. We had an anniversary dinner there when we were in town several years ago, and it was spectacular. I heartily recommend the she-crab soup as a starter, with a liberal sprinkling of sherry.

My wife just loves she-crab soup. I’m sure that will sway her vote.

So many interesting recommendations. If only we had more time, or more babysitters!

Lasciel, we got married under they same cluster of trees, only in October, but perfect weather. We got some great great pictures by the water before the no-see-ums chased us away.

Yikes. That’s pretty ridiculous.

I know! I was wearing my cleanest bib overalls and everything.
But seriously this was in 2006 so I doubt that person still works there; she sure didn’t get rich off my tip. A great thing about Fig is it’s in a central and walkable area w/ free parking for Fig customers; free parking’s quite the rarity on the Peninsula as you might recall.