Dinner at the Angus: Calling Tar Heel Dopers

When we left the threads on IRL get-togethers, we were waiting on Heather’s next trip down to see Brian to get as many of us as possible together for dinner at the Angus Barn. (It’s just up the road from where I work, BTW.) Got anything like a firm date yet, Heather? (No, I’m not talking about Brian’s anatomy! ;))

Porpentine, you in? Anybody else? I know there are a couple of lurkers from the Triangle…

I’m all over it… Heather is here the first weekend of November…

Yer pal,

Done…name your preferred evening!

Cool, I’m definitely there! I don’t know yet which night works best, but I’ll get back to you.

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How does Saturday, Nov. 6th sound?

Hey - Any other Dopers here in the Raleigh or NC-area wanna come out? Come on… Don’t be shy!

Well, it looks like Monday the eighth of November is gonna be a heavy day 'round here in the MPSIMS. You guys are planning your little soiree the same weekend the Ohio Hayseed SDMB Chapter is holding it’s first drunken brawl in Columbus. I just wandered over to the St. Louis thread and there was talk of them meeting that weekend, too.

It’s gonna be a hoot! Have fun folks.

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Now, if somebody from each group has videoconference gear…

Or should this be in “This Week’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse”? :wink:

Works for me, BTW…day before my birthday, as it happens!

Please be sure to assign a secretary to take careful notes, at least until the fourth margarita. Your board-mates expect a full report ASAP. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’m in the Raleigh area, too; I’ll be there!

jodih: I have a copyright on this idea (New Yorkers meeting) :smiley:

Resurrecting this thread to announce an oops…Polycarp and wife will not be able to make this – car repairs have totally drained our finances. I’m e-mailing those who said they wanted to attend, but belt-and-suspendering by posting this as well.

Can we set a postponement?

Yes, but Heather will most likely not be in town for it… Nothing bad, just that the odds of it happening while she’s here is slim because she is so far away…

Yer pal,

No problem here, I’ll be around.