"Dinner: Impossible" premiere..thoughts?

Anyone catch food network’s premiere of Dinner Impossible yesterday? I watch the Food network all the time, but I was extremely impressed with that show. I thought it was amazing; the intro scene was one of teh coolest things ive ever seen food network pull off. I personally wonder if Irvine has trouble communicating with his two sous chefs, since they have the same name;

Any other thoughts?

What’s the premise? (I watch FoodTV all the time, and haven’t heard about this!)

DANG IT! I didn’t realize this premiered last night!

Oh, well. It’s the Food Network, they’ll show it again.

I hadn’t seen anything about it till last night, when there was a commercial on for it every thirty seconds all night.

Premise is that they’ve got a top chef, they hand him an extremely difficult situation with a very limited timeline and see if he can come up with a meal that’s up to standard.

Did you see the time he yelled “George” and one of them answered and then when he asked about whatever, George said “George has that”, then the other George answered? (In the parking lot.) I liked that bit.

Should I spoiler this stuff? I guess I will, just in case.

I want to know what on earth happened to the chef/crew for the first (wedding) party. Hit by a bus? Bubonic plague? Couple offered a quintillion dollars? What!??! The second one just looked like a publicity stunt worked out with the Steelers, but I can’t imagine risking a wedding that had been planned for a couple years unless I got some SERIOUS money.

I cracked up when he told the one kid (who’d just said he was a dishwasher) “well, today you’re a chef”. None of those kids looked too thrilled with their promotion, except maybe the one who was already a prep cook. OTOH, they did look pretty happy to have pulled it off at the end.

I dunno about it. It could be entertaining for a bit, but it looks like one of those that will rapidly degenerate into “how wacky and out-there can we be” in an effort to maintain interest. CHEF, YOU HAVE THIRTY MINUTES TO CREATE A NINE-COURSE GOURMET MEAL FOR EIGHT HUNDRED, FROM NOTHING BUT THIS PATCH OF DIRT AND YOUR IMAGINATION. CAN YOU DO IT?

Will they actually show any that he doesn’t pull off, or are they vetting them first to be sure he can? I liked the first one, when I thought that it was some kind of emergency rescue mission (help, my chef’s fallen and can’t get up!) but thought the second one was obviously set-up and just kinda hokey.

I think that, its not a matter of if Irvine will “pull it off” or not. I think its a matter of how well he pulls it off. There are some things that he realizes he has time for, and sometimes when he has to cut corners. But I think he will always come up with something and “finish” the missions.