Dinosaur Clone Park Petition

Please, with your help, we can throw aside our partisan shackles and reach across the aisle to create the first real not-a-movie dinosaur park. Because everybody knows dinosaurs are cool.

I was ready to add my name to this petition, but then I saw they did the idiotic “one (1)” thing. Bad legalese that no one, including most lawyers, understand the (entirely historical, at this point) reason for is not the way to get me on your side.

The physical impossibility of actually doing what they propose being apparently an obstacle of lesser importance…

I want this in my back yard.
The only thing that gives me pause is this:

See what happens there?
You nationalize dinosaur health care and prices go through the roof.

But there was that documentary, Jurassic Park, that showed the problems of leaving dinosaur cloning to the private sector.

One of the TED speakers referenced the movie. Paraphrasing the comment – “If we start sequencing the DNA found in Jurassic mosquitoes trapped in amber, the very best we’re going to get is a room full of cloned Jurassic mosquitoes.”

Which would, of course, suck.

As an SCP Foundation writer who detests when people do the parenthetical numbers thing to make themselves sound “scientific” when it just makes them sound like they’re writing the EULA for a shitty free-to-play MMO that nobody will ever subscribe to, I feel your pain.

That being said, I’m signing this, because…

Dude! Dinosaurs!

I hate to do this, because, as Smapti says, Dude! Dinosaurs! – but posting links to petitions is against our registration agreement.


twickster, for the SDMB