Dinosaur sighted near active New Zealand volcano. Scientists mystified

Link with the past?

webcam picture - White Island crater site

Dino? :eek:

That is too much fun! Yes Bosda, I agree, it looks like Dino.


This is an important step for science. At least we now know what color dinosaurs were. Think of what this will do for science!

Some Jurass-hole Parked a dinosaur in front of the camera (yuk, yuk)!

Dino’s purple for god’s sake! What kind of half-assed scientists are these?

Awwww, that’s just wrong man. You had me all excited!

This link takes you directly to Dino. What a great prank!


Looks friendly enough, at least.

Peter Jackson is filming a remake of The Flintstones?

Heh, pretend the camera streaks and smudges in this shot are in the background, add Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, and voila!:


Notice the UFO evidence in this image - clearly this volcano is a “hotbed” of unexplained activity!! :smiley:


I wonder if this dino has been anywhere near Loch Ness.

That’s Dino, all right. Or rather, it was. The current shot shows a conspicuous absence of dinosaur. Somebody went and got him.

He’s still there, just hard to see in the evening shadows.

It must’ve taken a bit of work (besides getting on the volcanic island) to get him into the range of the camera so exactly… though with a sat phone (doubt there’s cell service) and some time (hourly shots) it could be done.