Diogenes The Cynic


Fuck you. That is all.

I give it a 0.5.

DtC? I think there should be less peer pressure, too, but… this is just a little Orwellian, dontcha think?

Hasn’t anyone learned from DtC’s posts/philosophy?

He’s one of those people you thought your parents were and fear you will become as an adult/parent. The hardass authoritarian who is the biggest hypocrite on the planet(based on the underage sex thread and the above comment).

Do as I say, not as I do, dammit! Respect my authoritah!


Cripes, not again. This is like the fourth time I’ve been pitted in the last month.

In context, I was just supporting a local ordinance which would allow the cops to bust kids at underage drinking parties even if they’re not actually drinking. I think the law would be a good deterrent. A night (or even just an hour or two until the parents show up) in jail can be a very good thing for some kids.

People can’t learn from mistakes?

I’m not excusing my teenage behavior, it was disgraceful. My point was that getting arrested was a good kick in the ass for me. It woke me up. If it hadn’t happened I probably would have spun out even worse.

Well, yes, I understand, I just think that there has to be a better way than kids getting ostracized and possibly worse by there peer groups at best, and hastening our society along the path to Big Brother (not that we’re not halfway there already.)

I am under the legal drinking age, and have been present when underage drinking and other non-underage “illegal activities” have been going on. You feel you can pass judgement, not only on the people engaging in the activities, but also on me?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

On the several occasions I have been in such a situation, I did eventually leave. Yes, for fear of the consequences. But calling the cops? You sanctimonious asshole. In the cases of underage drinking, it was at someone’s house. I should call the cops on my friends (or simply acquaintances, but that is irrelevant) after leaving their house because of some self righteous adherence to “The LAW, By God!”? I knew that no driving was going to happen. You know why? Because, I know this will come as a shock to you, some teens can be responsible!

Wow! You don’t magically become responsible upon reaching the legal drinking age. As for other cases of illegal activity, these were also mostly at people’s houses. You think that I should, after having been graciously invited into someone else’s home, have left and called the police on them for making a decision about what they were going to do in the privacy of their house, affecting no one but themselves? What kind of a sanctimonious asshole are you? Not only should I have ruined the lives of people I knew by calling the police to arrest them for choices they made about their own bodies, but by not having done this, I should be liable for arrest and imprisonment!?!?! To TEACH ME A FUCKING LESSON!?

Eat shit and die, you pompous, hypocritical, self righteous, sanctimonious motherfucker!

People are free to make, in full awareness of the consequences, any decision they care to about what they will do in the privacy of their own homes, especially if they involve only themselves. If someone wants to do drugs or drink in their own bedroom, it is NOT my place, or your’s, to report them for that, unless you have solid knowledge that they will attempt to drive or somehow place others in harm. What people choose to do in private is their business. You imply that prior to Lawrence V. Texas, I should have called the cops everytime I saw Adam go to Steve’s house.

Go to hell.

I don’t really expect anyone to call the cops, but the have the option to leave and if they decide to stay they shoud know that they are now fair game when the party gets busted.

And since when can’t we pass judgement around here? To be really specific, I was just expressing an opinion about an existing ordinance. That counts as assholery?

Drinking as a minor is a victimless crime, and busting other kids for daring to associate with people committing a victimless crime is draconian.

If I got charged with such a thing, I would inform the judge that I refused to enter any plea at all, not acknowledging the authority of the court to conduct such a trial. I would then refuse to speak further.

Should we not have a drinking age?

“Oh, I didn’t really mean it!” Perhaps you should change your name to Dodge-ines The Cynic.
Passing judgement on me, saying I should be imprisoned, is assholery. Of the highest degree.

I’m saying don’t go to parties if you don’t want to get busted. You’ll understand when you grow up…maybe.

Where the fuck do you get the “dodgy” thing, btw? What am I dodging.

Yes, son, I am judging you*, so fucking what?

I have never been to a party rowdier than a birthday party at Chuckee Cheeses.


You think I should go to jail. To teach me a lesson. That pisses me the fuck off. I have never even gotten a parking ticket.

Personally, I think we would be much better served by NOT having a drinking age, but having strong DUI / drunkeness laws, and having good enforcement of those laws.

The way it is today, alcohol is a magic beverage jealously guarded by adults, so kids overindulge and act like assholes when they get a chance to imbibe. Put beer and wine on every dinner table, let the teens have a drink when they want to, teach moderation in drinking and they will be responsible drinkers.

And yet I’ve only been pitted twice in my life.

It’s unfair, I tells ya!

WTF? Are you really this much of a puritanical shithead? This is as self-righteous and condescending as I’ve seen anyone here in the pit before.

Should young adults just go to school, go home to do their homework and go to pep rallies? This is such a weird fucking stance, it’s almost 1950’s like.

So are you for real, or are you just getting caught up in people’s criticism of your position again(like the youth sex thread), and you’ll sit here and defend your contrary position until you decide to backpedal like a motherfucker?