dioxins in liver and oysters

I would like to support Cecil’s statement that Oysters contain high levels of Cadmium. I have participated on a scientific study to determine the pesticide, herbicide, dioxin, PAH and heavy metal content of oysters, crabs, and fish. As it turns out, oysters can contain dangerous levels of Cadmium, Mercury, Dioxins, PCB’s, PAH’s, as well as pesticides and herbicides! Crabs are less contaminated, as long as you don’t eat the fatty tissue (i.e., don’t boil them before you clean them, you have to remove all non-meat tissues from the crab body before cooking and eating to eliminate the toxins!). Crab fatty tissues can contain alarming levels of toxins and heavy metals! Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing if your oysters and crabs are toxin-free. Occasional consumption of contaminated seafood shouldn’t hurt you, unless you’re pregnant, in which case the toxins and heavy metals could cause serious harm to your fetus if consumed at the right point during development. Eating raw oysters is downright dangerous!

So, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Is liver good for you? Isn’t it full of pesticides?

Too bad, I love oysters… Does it make a difference whether it’s natural or cultured?

We haven’t actually tested any cultured oysters… maybe we should, but in our area oysters are harvested from either naturally occurring or seeded beds, there really isn’t any organized culturing going on. They could potentially be just as contaminated or more so if cultured, though, it depends on the water quality where they’re grown.

I’d like to take this opportunity to present my favorite out-of-context quote from this Cecil Adams article:

Remember that the next time a farmer offers you some angel dust. :wink: