Direct Access to the Realtor MLS Database

I’m wondering if it is somehow possible to gain direct access to the realtor’s version of the MLS database. The information available to consumers (ala is several days if not weeks behind the realtor’s tools and I feel I can do a better job searching available homes myself. Anyone know if this can be done?

Probably not by Joe or Jane Q. Public. I have access to the BC version for my geographical area, but that’s only because I work for a real estate/property management company, and use it to pull up tax records and such for my job. I do like to browse it for my own enjoyment, however.

I believe on our system, a realtor can give access to his/her clients, if they wish. But generally, and someone will correct me if I’m mistaken, it’s a licenced real estate agent’s tool, not a public tool.

In my area you can access limited MLS data through a certain website but only one MLS. There is also access to limited data through realty company websites. Try going to a local realty company’s website and see if it has a property search, it probably feeds off the local MLS. (by limited data I mean the same properties but without the private Realtor info)

If you’re seriously looking for a house you might as well look around for an agent you. You’ll need one anyway to look at a listing and the costs are all on the seller’s side. You can still look around by yourself while the agent is looking and a lot of the best properties are as good as gone before they hit the MLS. It doesn’t hurt to have an insider looking for you.