Direct transfer from camcorder to Firewire HDD?

Here’s a silly question which I can’t seem to find a straightforward answer to.

Will a Firewire external HDD allow you to move video directly off a Firewire-enabled HD camcorder?

Don’t have either, but am trying to find the most economical way to shoot over a camera’s internal storage capacity - and would like to avoid being yoked to a laptop.

Short answer: no. Despite using the same connector, a Firewire hard disk uses a completely different protocol to transfer information than a Firewire camera.

But what camcorder are you using that has internal storage only? I thought they all used removeable media.

It’s not so much that the camera (not yet purchased) doesn’t have external media, it’s anticipating a need to shoot hours and hours of stuff and preferring the cost-per-gig of HDD over that of flash media.

(Not for me, either, as it happens.)

Current suggestion is a laptop and 2TB external HDD with daily transfers off the flash media. This seems like a lot of hardware to carry around, through airports, etc - and expensive hardware to leave in hotels, yadda-yadda.

Looking at Quickstream and Firestore, which allow just this functionality - but the price tag doesn’t really begin to make sense if part of the aim is to economize on storage media. I am so far out of this market, I am actually surprised that this isn’t a commonly offered feature. You’d think it wouldn’t take much to allow export of raw DV, even to a USB drive.

You can’t get a camcorder that uses tape?

If he’s going to be shooting as much as he says, tapes would be the worst possible option.

Larry, you basically want a portable DVR. Professional portable external video recording systems are ludicrously expensive. You can probably manage if you find a portable DVR that has an input that comes from the camera and an output that goes to a separate hard drive. The ones I found with an initial search were geared towards security camera recording, but it’s a starting point, at least.