Directed application of medical cream. Don't worry, it's not TMI

I have a skin cream that I occasionally apply to my face for psoriasis. It comes in a standard tube. My issue is that I’m growing a beard and if I just put the medicine on my finger and rub it around, most of the cream will get on the beard and not the skin. Is there any kind of device available to put on the tube that makes it more “pointy” so that it can get to my skin? Kind of like a cake decorating tip or one off a bottler of Krazy glue?

I’m open to DYI suggestions as well. Thanks.

Check out the options in Hair & Beard Picks.

Another thought is a Cake decorating kit. Those bags for writing on cakes.
Like this one:

I’m going to point this thread over to IMHO as it isn’t really a GQ thread.

That’s fine. I thought there might be a GQ answer of “Sure. Just search Amazon for a whirlydoodle.” But that seems like a long shot.

Try searching for ‘irrigation tip’ or dental tip’ syringes in Amazon.

12 ml Plastic Syringes Set, Dental Syringe with Curved Tip and Straight Tip, Disposable Irrigation Syringe Mouthwash Cleaner for Oral Care, Animal Feeding, with Measurement (8 Pieces)

Even easier might be asking your pharmacist if they can repackage your cream in an ‘irrigation syringe’ for you. Also, they very likely might have some good ideas for you in how to best apply your medication that are even less hassle.

Thanks! The dental tip syringes should work just fine. I can fill one up and dispense from it as needed. I don’t really use that much of it and it has an extremely long shelf life.

Thanks again.

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