DIRECTV/Antenna question....

I just ordered DirecTV, and I’m not in one of the areas where I can receive my local channels through them. I need a good in-house antenna. What should I look for? Does anyone know of any particular features that make an antenna good? How about any brand/model that works well? I love my local TV…

There’s no indoor antenna that’s going to work any better than a pair of rabbit ears. The ability to point the antenna rods at the source far outweighs any other design consideration. You’d be far better off getting a conventional roof-mounted antenna.
I have a DSS dish, I decided to keep basic cable too.

When I was growing up, we had an outdoor antenna connected in the attic. Bulky and ugly, but out of sight, out of mind. The ability to point it was not a problem, as all the stations were pretty much in the same direction. Of course, I was only 6 or 7 when we got cable, so the details are a bit fuzzy.

I’ve read good reviews of the Terk brand antennas that you hang under your eaves or somewhere out of sight. They’re very inconspicuous. You can find them on ebay pretty easily.

Try these:
click on ‘choose an antenna’

Another advantage of getting an antenna is that you can view the new digital brodcasts available in most areas (provided you have an 8VSB-capable set top box (STB)). Cheapest way to view HDTV - but that’s another thread . :slight_smile:

Yes, there are indoor antennas that work better than rabbit ears. The power antennas that you plug into the wall, which connect to your television via coaxial cable do work very well to get your local stations. They run from $25-$70 in my area, and they make a HUGE difference. I live in a valley and with rabbit ears was only getting one channel. Now, I get 5-11 channels, depending on the positioning of the antenna and how I have it set for the dial controls.

Huh? I though effective last year, anyone could receive their local channels through DirecTV? Without the stupid waivers from the local channels and cable company.

Is it that you’re too far away, and you don’t really have ANY local channels?

Anyone in a major market. I can’t speak for bigneck, but while most larger TV markets are covered, geographically speaking coverage is quite limited. Consider those who live in Jackson, MS, with a population in the metropolitan area approaching half a million. Here is DirecTV’s list of cities where local channels are available.

I delved a little deeper, and according to Nielsen, the largest market without local channels through DirecTV is Hartford/New Haven, CT.