Dirt cheap ways to finish basement (can't find product)

Any ideas for finishing a basement that are dirt cheap? I saw a friends basement that wasn’t exactly “finished” but the contractor used white vinyl sheeting on the walls and for the ceiling to give it a finished appearance. It used “buttons” like those found on some upholstery. Does anyone know where to find this type of vinyl sheeting? All I can come up with is clear or black. Any ideas?


Vinyl fabric
Any decent fabric store should have the stuff, but it’ll run $7 to $15 or more dollars a yard.

I don’t think that’s the same product. I’m talking about rolled sheeting. The prices online for black and clear are something like 30$ for 100 feet or more.

Oh, I was thinking fabric, like car seats. You want straight plastic, like this.
A big garden supply store should have it, or a farm supply store. You can cover greenhouses with it, bedding plants, piles of sand or haystacks.
There are probably firecodes associated with using it in a house. I know they make flame resistant types, but danceswithcats has probably got the real dope on that.

I think that’s it! Fire codes…okay, the existing insulation is covered with clear plastic. The insulation happens to be UGLY yellow. I’ll make some calls and see what I can find out.

Thank you!