Dirty Harry trivia!!!

  1. Besides Clint Eastwood, what actor has the most appearances in the Dirty Harry series?

  2. What two cities were considered to be the setting for Dirty Harry before Clint and producer Don Siegel chose San Francisco?

  3. What model number is Harry’s infamous .44 Magnum?

  4. Andrew Robinson, the Killer in Dirty Harry later portrayed what late entertainer in a TV movie, mainly because he bore a striking resemblance to him.

  5. How did the writers of The Enforcer get Eastwood the film script?

  6. How did the waitress get Harry’s attention that something was wrong in Sudden Impact?

  7. In Dirty Harry, during a shootout, a theater marquee clearly shows the title of another (non-Dirty Harry) Eastwood film. What was the film?

  8. Which of these people has never appeared in the Dirty Harry series: Tyne Daly, Jim Carrey, Suzanne Somers, Liam Neeson, Raul Julia?

  9. What two entertainers were offered the role of Harry Callahan before Eastwood took it?

  10. There was a film called The Enforcer that predates the Eastwood film. The author of the first film sued Eastwood for plagiarism and lost. Who starred in the first Enforcer?
    ** BONUS:* In the * Dirty Harry* game for the old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), what code gave you infinite lives?**

#4. Liberace
#6. Put sugar in his coffee
#7. That on that McCloud ripped off, can’t think of the name of it
#8. Either Somers or Julia, I’ll guess Somers.
#9. Frank Sinatra, for sure. Maybe also Bing Crosby?


#7. Coogan’s Bluff

Sir Rhosis, you got two right: #4 and #6. You’re half right on #9. It was Sinatra, who had to decline due to a wrist injury. Paul Newman was the second choice. There’s a rumor that John Wayne was considered for the role, but was never asked.

The answer to #8 is Raul Julia. He appeared in The Rookie. Suzanne was a towel girl in Magnum Force.

The answer to #7 is Play Misty For Me, Clint Eastwood’s directorial debut.

I have heard that Crosby was offered and turned down the role of Columbo, I figured he might have made a career of turning down good roles, though I never really offered his name seriously thinking that was the right answer. Newman would have played Harry Callahan well, I think.

Here’s one or two that would be easy for you, more difficult for or any other.

When Harry is propositioned in the park, in “Dirty Harry”, what name does the propositioner give?

What (now) famous writer/director claims that he totally rewrote the screenplay of “Dirty Harry” at Eastwood’s behest, but declined any on-screen credit?

One famous location in “Dirty Harry” was a place that Eastwood and childhood friends played at, though forbidden by ther parents to do so.

IRL, what is Eastwood’s “real” first name?

Sir Rhosis

I asked this before, in another movie-trivia thread, and got no answer before it dropped out of sight. I was confident about my answer then, but now I’m starting to doubt my memory. Maybe someone who knows for sure can make me feel more confident.

What was Harry’s badge number?