Disappeared Thread?

I posted in a Thread in Cafe Society just yesterday, maybe the day before. Seems to have been disappeared by the powers that be.

It was a Thread about a former Playmate-turned-pornstar. It seemed legit enough, though one poster did mention searching the OPs history to find that the OP had been here for years but only made a handful of posts . . . all about this same pornstar.

I don’t remember the poster of the OP nor do I remember the name of the pornstar nor do I remember the Thread title- all of which, I know, would be helpful information.

Just wondering why it was disappeared.
Was the OP shown to be not just a guy with a weird fixation on one porn actress but rather a troll who was toying with us? The OP seemed a little weird, but not an obvious troll.

Please contact a member of the staff (i.e. me) with questions like this one.