Disappearing ads and the park management's potential for blame

Since I received my Notary Public commission, I have made various efforts to advertise my services. One thing I’ve tried is putting up notices on the cork bulletin boards in the two laundry rooms in my mobile-home park, as well as a notice in a glass case fastened to the fence near the park management office (across a drive from our place, near the park entrance).
For the last several weeks someone has been pulling my notices off the cork boards almost as soon as I put them up.
I have a suspicion that the culprit is one of the manager-caretakers, a rather hard-boiled person who sometimes has a chip on his shoulder. (The notice in the glass case has not been affected.)
Granted that Occam’s Razor is always good to keep in mind, am I justified in suspecting that the park management is to blame for my laundry-room ads disappearing? (The residents use a plastic card to unlock the laundry-room doors; outsiders are not issued cards.)

Perhaps someone is removing them because they have nothing with which to write down your phone number.

I thought about that…one of those times, the ad I put up had a little pouch on it with a bunch of the business cards I had printed up by the NNA. Ad and cards disappeared immediately.

Are there any other ads on the bulletin boards? Maybe your in violation of unwanted solicitation.

That’s a possibility…The top manager of the place–not the hardboiled person I mentioned in the OP–said nothing to me about such a prohibition, however. (The glass case has no ad in it but mine.)
Several months ago I asked to have an ad I composed on my computer and printer (using the Microsoft Greetings Workshop software), prepared and printed in the monthly newsletter.
However, the management person who prepares copy for the compnay that prints the newsletter said that the company accepts only outside ads–none from residents. :frowning: