Disappearing passports

Is it safe for a Canadian guy (in light of dissipearing passports and sometimes guy himself) to travel abroad in particular SE Asia?
Couple weeks ago big affair with stolen passports in New Z. ,used by Mossad really scared me.Almost same thing happened with canadian passports a year ago.
But then I asked my self ,would Israeli spy agency with huge resources and spies planted in Canadian/Australian passport offices, be forced to steal them or is this just a cover.?

You’re worried that there’s a chance that Mossad or a similar agency will steal your passport?

I’d go to work by the back door if I was you :slight_smile:

. . . and you think they’re more likely to steal your passport in SE Asia than at home in Canada?

Ya want ta steal Canadian passports, ya go ta Canada. There’s a lot more of them there than in SE Asia.

I doubt very much whether Western intelligence agencies steal passports. They either forge them or, easier still, buy them from commercial operators in the secondary market in stolen passports.

What was happening was that a Mossad agent was caught trafficking with common thugs who robbed tourists. He would purchase the passports from them.

So the Mossad wasn’t exactly stealing passports so much as they were purchasing stolen passports.
UDS, I’d remind you of the various blackmarket activities of the CIA et al.

Spies are known to have dealings with underworld folks. Strange, surprising but true.

If your passport has been stolen, it is possible that it may end up in unsavoury hands.

It happened to a couple I knew. Their British passports were stolen while on holiday in France. Years later one of the passports was found in the posession of a Palestinian bomber who accidentally blew himself up in his hotel room, I think it was in Jerusalem. Initially the authorities thought his identity was that of the British man, and even once it was established that the passport was not his, the couple faced some scrutiny because coincidentally they had been in Israel and the Occupied Territories at some point and had been involved in Palestinian solidarity/peace activities there. Another aspect of this case which confused the investigators - and the press when they got hold of the story - is that this couple’s names sound Jewish, although they are not.

Passport thieves will try to sell stolen passports to willing buyers of any kind. The issue is not about avoiding travel to certain countries - your passport can be stolen anywhere - but about taking all possible precautions to avoid being the target of theft.

Mossad agent linked to Asia scam
By Craig Skehan
July 19, 2004

The fugitive Israeli Mossad intelligence agent Zev Barkan has been dealing with Asian criminal gangs to obtain Australian and other passports stolen in Asia, a New Zealand aid worker has said.

The New Zealand Government has named Barkan, Cara and the other convicted man, Uriel Kelman, as Mossad agents.

Barkan fled New Zealand before police swooped. There are unconfirmed reports that Barkan, allegedly using a fraudulent Canadian passport, has since made visits to North Korea.

There’s no doubt that some intelligence agencies (including, no doubt, Mossad and the CIA) like to have false passports.

There’s also no doubt that it is easier for those agencies to buy stolen passports from opportunistic thieves than to forge them, or to steal them themselves.

But they have no preference for passports stolen in SE Asia, or any other region of the world. Wherever you are - and this includes when you are at home - you should take care of your passport. It could be stolen, and it could be abused by whoever ends up with it. But I don’t see why this should be a particular threat in SE Asia.