Disappointments: things you thought you'd like but didn't

That’s funny. I loved 11/22/63. I found the historical ‘insight’ into the characters to be riveting and was totally absorbed by King’s narrative.

FWIW, now that King has largely moved away from his 70s horror genre, I find his storytelling to be better than ever. But that’s me!

Like Lovecraft, his non-horror stuff is better than his horror stuff.

Huh. You’ve almost got me convinced to give it a third try. :slight_smile:


Later was great, but The Institute and Joyland were letdowns for me.

I agree about The Institute, but I really enjoyed Joyland.

Same here- I enjoyed it and his other more recent works such as the Mr. Mercedes trilogy.

So, a Studio Ghibli film based on a Diana Wynne Jones novel - sounds like it could be as awesome as Howl’s Moving Castle, right?

“Could” is the operative word there. I was so disappointed in Earwig and the Witch. It went nowhere, and then just fucking ended. The protagonist wasn’t the least bit sympathetic, and showed zero character growth. And the animation was terrible. Even a disappointment like Tales from Earthsea still had great animation. This was some Paw Patrol-level shit. Apparently the book it’s based on doesn’t really have more substance, so I have to wonder why they even chose to adapt it?

Porter (the beer). Kind of like Turkish delight is to Lewis I had come across the word in The Hobbit when some of the dwarves visiting Bilbo called for it and, finally decades later my brother had a bottle in the refrigerator. My sister in law literally laughed at the face I made at the first swig. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m discovering I Do Not Like porter.” I finished the bottle so as not to waste it but followed it with a bottle of Dos Equis dark to make myself happier.

Had I but known that stout and porter are virtually synonymous I would have avoided it 'cause I didn’t like Guiness when I’d tried it earlier.


People have told me how amazing they are, and so maybe every 5 years since 2000 I’ve given them a try, but walked away bored. Maybe if instead of the big buildup about how they’re the greatest, people just told me, “hey, here’s a fun band I like,” I would have been able to listen without all of these raised expectations.

They do seem like something I should like. All those expert recommendation systems popular a decade ago or so said, “based on the music you like, we think you should try Radiohead.” It’s not that I hate it, I might not even skip a song if they come up on a mix, I just really didn’t care.

Everything you said mirrored my opinions. I do not get the adoration they get from some.

That reminds me of the time I got the same thing from a friend, who had received it as a gift from her posh customer. Not being a keen cook, she had no use for it. I was beside myself with excitement. I love mushrooms and had never tried a real truffle before.

At home, I opened the jar and was hit with a gym sock smell so strong I couldn’t breathe. Once you got used to it though, it was not wholly unpleasant. I added some to gravy that night and thought it made it delicious.

The trouble started after - it proved impossible to store this substance in a way that wouldn’t offend my husband’s delicate sense of smell. I ended up double bagging the jar and putting it in a box at the bottom of the deepest cupboard, and still sometimes he would walk into the kitchen and wonder what had gone bad. I, on the other hand, never seemed to remember the jar while cooking, since it was so out of reach.

With shame, I must admit that I was pressured into putting the truffle in the trash eventually. I still think about it sometimes.

Turkey liver. I learned that yesterday.

The Mrs. had pulled out the liver from our dinner turkey and decided to saute it in butter for the dog and cat to enjoy, but once it was done, I wanted to try a tiny piece. I’m not a huge fan of beef or pork liver, tho I have on occasion enjoyed braunschweiger. But I have at times REALLY enjoyed duck and goose pate, trout liver mousse, chicken livers.

I popped a very tiny bit into my mouth, chewed, and experienced the flavor. My wife and our friend who was joining us for dinner were about to do likewise when I yelled at them; “No, don’t! It’s horriblaarggh!”

Spitting it out in the sink, I grabbed a nearby glass of ginger lemonade and gargled and rinsed my mouth out with it to subdue the foul excrescent taste. This caused both ladies to laugh hysterically for the next 4 minutes.

The cat wouldn’t eat the turkey liver either when offered, but the dog really enjoyed it.

Roasted chestnuts fall into the same category: smell like heaven, taste like unflavored gruel.

At this time every year, my father buys chestnuts from the supermarkets and roasts them at home, and then greatly enjoys eating them. He always offers them to me, but I’ve never liked the taste.

I assume the show was Dads. I got the same thing twice. Awful show – I could see why it wasn’t picked up.

Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same” movie. Back in the day I expected this to be so cool, profound and important (or something). I had convinced two others to join me; good lord what an embarrassing fiasco. We left after about 20 minutes.

I remember going to see “Cannonball Run” back in the day after reading a piece about the actual race in Car and Driver. This was my introduction to “all the best scenes of the movie are in the trailer.”

I’d caught Robin Williams in Mork and Mindy but Popeye, really?

In the bargain bin I found “Mean Streets,” Scorsese directing. Couldn’t finish it.

Has anybody mentioned Al Capone’s vaults yet? Evel Kneivel at Snake River Canyon? Season 2 of “Dead Like Me?”

I the same vein, the “Opening of the Titanic safe” special hosted Telly Savalas.
The brought some safe onto the stage, opened it and brought out a pristine, modern cashbox.

(But then again, I wasn’t expecting much.)

The music of Steely Dan comes to mind. I have friends that worship the group and I can certainly appreciate the musicianship of all the people involved in their albums. I just don’t care for most of their songs and actually change the radio station when I hear one come on.

The Dead Pilots Society podcast, which does table reads of scripts that were turned down. I like the people involved, I like many of the people who bring their unproduced scripts, and I like the idea of “see how elitist Hollywood is, here are some gems they wouldn’t even give a chance.”

It turns out I wouldn’t have ordered a pilot for any of them either. Some had a funny joke or two, or maybe the kernel of a good idea, but it was usually real obvious why they were rejected, and it had nothing to do with “won’t play in flyover land,” but that they were bad.